Malvika Raj Joshi, a 17 year old from Mumbai is a classic example of how ‘merit’ is more important than ‘marks’. Breaking the rat race of school academics and unburdening the expectations of top scores, Malvika Joshi has still proved her credentials.

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Malvika doesn’t have a class X and XII certificate and for this reason she was rejected by our esteemed IITs. Her mother pulled her out of school 4 years ago and since then she is being home schooled. However due to her three medals (two silver and one bronze) at International Olympiad of Informatics, prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) accepted her on scholarship where she will be pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Programming. MIT has a provision where it accepts applications from students who are medal winners at various Olympiads (Maths, Physics and Programming) and thus Malvika secured a position at MIT.

On this, a very happy Malvika said “When I started unschooling, that was 4 years back, I explored many different subjects. Programming was one of them. I found programming interesting and I used to give more time to it than to other subjects, so, I started liking it at that time“.

One of the major factors for Malvika to take the unconventional path was her mother who pulled her out of school when she was in class VII studying at Dadar Parsee Youth Assembly School in Mumbai. Malvika was a bright student and was doing extremely well in academics. “We are a middle class family. Malvika was doing well in school but somehow I felt that my children (she has younger daughter Radha) need to be happy. Happiness is more important than conventional knowledge. I was working with an NGO that takes care of cancer patients. I would see students who are in 8th or 9th standard being affected by cancer. It affected me deeply and I decided that my daughters need to be happy“, says her mother Supriya talking about her decision.

Stylewhack team wishes Malvika Joshi, a very bright future and all the best for her endeavours. Here is a girl who is not a product of the system, but despite it and is making us proud!

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