Don’t Worry Be Happy

Director: Adwait Dadarkar
Writer: Mihir Rajda
Cast: Umesh Kamat, Spruha Joshi, Mihir Rajda
Rating: 4/5

Don’t Worry Be Happy is a pleasant surprise for the audience with a very serious topic wrapped beautifully in humour conveying a message strongly at the end of the play.

The story revolves around Akshay (Umesh Kamat) and Pranoti (Spruha Joshi), a 21st century typical couple immersed in their career with proper family planning and a no kids policy for 5 years of marriage. The story unravels as Pranoti is diagnosed with PCOD a common women issue today due to stress levels of our generation and this changes the entire story of this couple.

The reason for PCOD is stated as ‘stress’ and the couple try to figure out what exactly is the reason behind this ‘stress’ in their life and how to avoid it with a tinge of humour. The story which unfolds is a tale which is common in many of the households today. Infertility, marriage woes, extended family issues – everything is showcased in a delicate manner in the play.

To see if Pranoti and Akshay fall prey to the stress or win over it, you need to watch the play.


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Spruha Joshi and Umesh Kamat after ‘Eka lagnachi tisri goshta’ daily soap and ‘Paying Ghost’ marathi movie surge as a favorite onscreen couple. The ease and the chemistry between them is witnessed in this play too. Mihir Rajda as their Gujju friend also creates a great impact even though he is amidst these celebrated actors. The acting has been splendid and leaves you waiting for more even after the end.

There are subtle intricacies in the play which win your heart – the gap of 5 months shown by the change in season from warm wear to winter wear, the music and lights highlighting the sensitive scenes, the set showing their home as well as the Mumbai skyline from their friend’s balcony and not to forget the lucid and compelling dialogues.

Hats off to the writer Mihir Rajda for conceptualizing such a contemporary topic and director Adwait Dadarkar for materializing this concept on the stage in such an effective manner. This subject could have been portrayed in a highly serious tone but the duo turned it into a humorous skit delivering their message to the audience on a high note.

One thing which could have been avoided was the typical mother-in-law and daughter-in-law grudges shown in the play. With time, relationships are evolving and so is this relation and yet we still keep on showing it in a old school way where things are never cordial between this duo.

Having said that; the drama nevertheless is heart warming, laughter stimulating and of course giving goosebumps during certain scenes. You can feel the audience’s pulse as they laugh, whistle, clap and sob with Akshay and Pranoti.

By far, this is one of the fine works of Marathi Rangbhoomi and should not be missed!


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