Having a Marathi friend rocks. Being in the company of a marathi manoos all the time rocks even more. Here are a few reasons why –

  1. Marathi friend makes the best kind of friend ever

Marathi friends will not sugar coat it if what you are doing is wrong. Even though they have your back at all times, but they will also tell you to your face if what you are doing is wrong.

Marathi2. Marathi friends are the most progressive set of people you will ever find

Be it female education, or leading uprisings, or very recently being a staunch supporter of feminism, your Marathi friend has always been the front runner to all things progressive and liberal.

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3. They are welcoming to all cultures

The prime example being Mumbai. Marathi freinds welcome everybody with open arms and make them feel welcome. Unless you are being a pain in the a**.

Marathi Dory4. Marathi friend knows the best food and where to find it. Also not let it burn a hole in your pocket. Be it Misal, or wada pav or pav bhaaji.
Marathi Food5. History Lessons

Marathi friends are extremely proud of their heritage and they know all the stories related to it. You can get a history lesson from your Marathi friend at any time. Just say “Shivaji Maharaj.”

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6. They don’t have to make too much efforts to be in your company. Your Marathi friend values the person who you are on the inside and not the external show offery.
Marathi Friend7. Your Marathi friend can give you the best knowledge about safe investments and how to save money. They never believe in wasting money on superficial things.
Marathi Money8. They always have some connection or the other to the entertainment field. Most of them have some or the other performing arts background.
Marathi9. Your Marathi friend’s mix dialect of Hindi, Marathi and English is sure to have you in splits.
Marathi Dialect10. They make the best sarcastic jokes ever. No one can burn better than your Marathi friend.
Marathi Burn11. And last but not the least, Sachin Tendulkar.

Ya, they have no shame in taking credit for giving India the GOD of Cricket.

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