Listen to the Melodic ‘Raabta’ and ‘Sanu Ik Pal’ Mashup if you haven’t yet!


A soulful music is what we all need. Whatever situation it may be, music has always maintained a special place in our hearts. Whether in love or in unrequited love, just play the music! Satvik B’s new mashup of ‘Raabta’ and ‘Sanu Ik Pal’ is amazing! It’s just a perfect mix of two beautiful songs. The songs were originally sung by Arijit Singh, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and SoMo and are brought together by this singer which is much more mesmerizing to hear! The songs are just perfectly blended together.

Here is the beautiful mashup you all must listen to-

We are sure you are going to listen to it on loop! What are you all waiting for? Plan a long drive with your boyfriends, play the magical song and find escape in the love!

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