21 Fabulous Mehndi Design For Legs To Grace Every Occasion

Applying mehndi on most occasions and festivals has become a trend. Mehndi can be applied on hands and legs for enhancing your aesthetic value. Grace your special day with alluring mehndi design for legs (hands). The choice for mehndi designs seems limitless and thus we have collated 20 best picks which are worth adorning.

Mehndi Design For Legs 2020 (Updated)

Let’s check some fab mehndi designs for legs below.

1. Mandala Mehndi Design For Legs

Mandala art is a traditional wonder whether crafted on paper or as a henna tattoo on the feet. These circular henna patterns are intricate and elegant. It reflects Indian tradition and serenity that graces the wedding occasion. These trending circular mehndi designs are perfect for brides who want to keep it simple and enchanting. This ornamental mandala mehndi design can be worn by bridesmaids and family members attending the wedding too.

Payal Style Leg Mehndi Designs
Image courtesy: Bling Sparkle

2. Large Flowers Full Feet Modern Henna Design

This stylish full leg mehndi design is sure to catch your attention. The large floral pattern with pretty shade work and swirls lends your feet a mesmerizing appeal. With women paying an extra eye for details these days this mehndi design for legs is perfect for weddings or parties. You may accessorize your feet with toe tings or anklets to grace the occasion.

Leg mehndi design large flowers
Image courtesy: APK Pure

3. Breathtaking Jaali Style Mehndi Design For Legs

If you are looking for minimalist mehndi designs that are simple yet breathtaking stop here. This mehndi design for legs is intricate and minimalist at the same time. The jaali or mesh pattern henna art can amaze any woman. The fine lines and jaali design requires immense patience to produce the exact pattern on your feet.

Image courtesy: Fashion Lady

4. Simple Round-Up Mehndi Patterns For Feet

Mandala Mehndi design need not be a complex pattern. You can design henna on your feet the way you want. From simple round-ups to fine lines and geometric shapes, everything can be included in a mandala henna tattoo. This is a simple design with a circular motif and toe ring mehndi bands to dress up for any casual or festive occasion.

Simple Round Up Henna
Image courtesy: TBG Bridal Store

5. Classic Full Leg Mehndi Art For Brides

We have included a mix of simple and heavy mehndi designs for legs in this article. If you’re an expert who wants something more than those simple mehndi designs then try this one. This full leg classic mehndi pattern will surely take your breath away. You can replicate the same design for hands and feet.

full leg mehndi design for brides
Image courtesy: Pinterest

6. Attractive Side Feet Henna Tattoo

This side henna artwork enhances the aesthetic value of your feet. There is no limit of imagination for beautiful mehndi designs for every occasion. Myriads of patterns can be created with this traditional style mehndi design. The side feet henna design is embellished with curves, leaves, strokes, mesh, and flowers to make an adorable pattern.

attractive side leg mehndi
Image courtesy: Gymlifes

7. Enchanting Flower Jewelry For Your Feet

Feet covered with floral mehndi designs are the latest trend in the industry. Mehndi artists come up with simple to ornate designs that awe your heart. Look at the extravagant floral design with beads that adorn your feet from the sides. You can add small flowers on the rest of the toes or leave them mehndi-free. Embellish your nails with beautiful nail color to rock the party.

Image courtesy: Body Art Guru

8. Leafy Swirl Mehndi Design For Legs

Give your legs an artistic touch with this leafy motif mehndi design for legs. The delicate swirls and geometry on the big toe in this henna tattoo adds a romantic feel to any wedding ceremony. Allow your spouse to take a closer look; you may hide his initials in the design to add spice to your relationship.

Leafy Swirls For Leg Mehndi
Image courtesy: Twitter

9. Playful Peacock Feather Henna Art

Peacock is a beautiful element that comprises the essence of mehndi body art in Indian tradition. A henna design comprising of a peacock feather and the floral vine is a classic example of modern mehndi design on your feet. This design looks fabulous and trendy on anyone irrespective of age and occasion. The latest pattern reveals the excellence and pleasantly executed art of finesse in the artist’s work.

Image courtesy: Women Triangle

10. Design Your Sole With Stylish Mehndi Work

Mehndi can be applied on any part of your body – legs, hands, feet, neck, back and more. You can also creatively design your sole with mehndi. It looks amazing for any party, wedding, or festive season. Applying mehndi on the sole of the foot was traditional folklore for newly married brides. It can also be applied to kids and infants for their naming ceremonies.

Image courtesy: Efashionlady

11. Heart Jaali Mehndi Design For Brides-To-Be

Adorn your feet with these admirable mehndi patterns on your legs. Jaali or mesh-net pattern can be incorporated in many different ways in mehndi designs. You can be a beginner in mehndi art or a pro artist to execute such ornate designs. The heart motif in the jaali is perfect to impress your partner.

Heart Jaali Mehndi Design
Image courtesy: Shaadidukaan

12. Anklet Mehndi For Your Gorgeous Feet

Women love to adorn their feet with anklets and toe rings. Here is a breathtaking mehndi design for legs for them. Anklet mehndi designs can be minimalist to intricate. Simple beaded designs take lesser time as compared to intricate patterns. The below picture shows floral mix anklet mehndi that beautifies your feet.

beautiful anklet mehndi designs
Image courtesy: Bling Sparkle

13. Gobsmacking Big Toe Mehndi Art

Wasn’t an ankle henna tattoo pretty enough? It surely was, but we have a simpler yet fancier option for leg mehndi design for you. This beaded floral big toe mehndi art exemplifies extreme minimalism and style. It is the latest trend in leg mehndi designs that will catch your attention quickly.

Big Toe Flower Henna Art
Image courtesy: Pinterest

14. Beautiful Lace Glove Henna Tattoo

This checkered mehndi design is neither bold nor fussy. It’s an elegant pattern that can be produced on your hands or legs. The simple jaali pattern covers most of your feet and allows you to flaunt your gorgeous feet. The rose design bordering the diamond mesh looks alluring. Would you give this modern mehndi design for legs a try?

Lace Glove Feet Mehndi
Image courtesy: Weddingz

15. Traditional Indian Leg Mehndi Design

The Indian traditional mehndi designs include flowers, mandalas, lotus, peacock, swirls, and leaves to create beautiful body art. The reverse mehndi work with lotus motifs is a blend of unusual contemporary and traditional style. Accomplish this new bridal leg mehndi design and impress the crowd.

Image courtesy: The Wedding Brigade

16. Floral Arabic Mehndi Designs

This piece of henna art is absolutely stunning with complex flower band and toe rings. The center of the feet is adorned with a similar floral patch. Such Arabic mehndi designs are perfect for starters. They are simple, minimalist yet beautifully accentuates the whole look.

Image courtesy: Beauty & Health Tips

17. Arabic Paisley Mehndi Tattoo For Brides

Render your feet a magnificent appearance with this Arabic mehndi design for the festive season. This upcoming wedding season is the best to produce such simple and easy to draw mehndi designs. Arabic mehndi art is a graceful form of design that beauties the wearer’s feet.

Arabic Mehndi For Feet
Image courtesy: Pinterest

18. Glitter Mehndi Design For Legs

Applying glitter mehndi is a simple way to amplify the effects of henna. Doesn’t it look more appealing with shimmers all over? Adding colorful glitter to any mehndi design, Indian or Arabic, is a riveting way to beautify your casual mehndi.

Pro Tip: Stick to one or two glitter colors as more colors will dampen the actual aura of henna.

Glitter Mehndi Art For Brides
Image courtesy: Shaadidukan

19. Diva Look Thick Flower Leg Mehndi Design

If flowers are what you’re seeking for in your mehndi design here is a stunning piece to flaunt. This is a bold pattern mehndi art with thick flowers and leaves that beautify your feet. You may add jaali or bead elements to your design to make it reflect your own taste.

Image courtesy: Beauty & Health Tips

20. Minimalism Henna Body Art

Some women like it simple. This design makes a perfect choice when you look for neither bold nor subtle mehndi designs for legs. You can flaunt the design of the jewel on any occasion or party. The delicate linework creating flowers and paisleys is a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional culture.

Image courtesy: Fabbon

21. Grid Pattern Henna Design For Weddings

Want a mix of elements in your mehndi? Try this lovely Arabic design, a perfect combo of the grid and a floral pattern that amazes all. These are intricate patterns that involve time and patience to create a masterpiece. Why not give them a try?

Image courtesy: Weddings Only

22. Attractive Full Feet Mehndi Design For Legs

This ravishing henna design is drawn out of so much expertise. It has an eye for detail in every pattern including jaali design, paisleys, mandalas, bands, and whatnot. Rock a totally beautiful full leg mehndi for your wedding!

Attractive full leg mehndi design
Image courtesy: Weddings Only

These are some of the best mehndi designs for legs for pre- and post-wedding ceremonies. Rock this upcoming wedding season with a stunning mehndi tattoo!

How many mehndi designs did you save for yourself? Let us know in the comment box below.

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