Grace Yourself With These Oh-So-Chic Mehndi Designs Of 2017

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India is a country that celebrates each festival and every special occasion with cultural values and traditions adorned with mehndi designs. Mehndi designs are considered as auspicious ornaments of a woman’s hands and are harbinger of good luck and prosperity to the family. At Indian weddings its quite common to spot brides and the other ladies sporting the fabulous henna arts on their hands and feet. There are many types of henna designs sported at different occasions. The bridal designs are more intricate and possess a look from cultural heritage of India. Arabic mehndi designs are apt for parties and other religious function. Designers have come up with embellished henna art also.

Here are some chic mehndi designs of 2017 to grace your beauty –

Festive Mehndi Design

Add subtle charm to your hands every festive season with mehndi designs. This pretty scroll work pattern is glorious and suitable for young girls. The gorgeous design will impart a chic and sober look that any girl can carry effortlessly.

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Net Mehndi Design

Net mehndi design is one of the most beautiful designs of this art. The mesh formation takes time and effort to give the pretty effect. Once done you’ll see it was worth waiting for it!

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Gorgeous Wrist Band Henna Design

You can also get crafty with some lovely henna patterns like this beautiful wrist band design. The simple and minimalistic look catches your attention quickly. Similar designs can be drawn on arms and ankles also.

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Cute Floral Mehndi Art

Floral artworks are very promising type of body art; be it tattoos, nail arts or mehndi designs floral patterns are very feminist. From big flowers to cute ones, mehndi patterns grace women’s hand on various occasions.

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 Tikki Style Mehndi Design

This mehndi artwork is popular in India, Pakistan and most Middle East countries. Tikki designs range from circular to diagonal patterns with hundreds of variations to choose from. This style is one of those quick jobs that wouldn’t take much of your time.

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Bridal Mehndi Design For Legs

Indian weddings are an outburst of love, traditions, energy and joy. Mehndi adds beauty to the bride’s looks as she shines beneath her bridal ensemble and dazzling jewelry. The bridal henna will catch your bae’s attention for sure. There are various styles and combinations of bridal henna designs to suit every tradition and culture in India.

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Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Pattern

Arabic mehndi design has originated from the Middle East nations. These designs feature beautiful floral work, scroll work and delicate patterns that look enchanting. Many of the auspicious events in Indian families are celebrated with cute mehndi designs. More complex forms of Arabic mehndi are used for brides. These pretty Arabic designs can be learnt with simple practice and an artistic hand.

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Hope you have liked our best picks of mehndi designs. If you have an artistic hand these breathtaking mehndi designs are just inspirations!

Come on gals let the henna adorn your hands and feet for the new years party too!

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