Men’s Festival Wear- Top Festive Fashion Fundas For Men

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Men, just like women, are ever ready to experiment with various new looks. Be it in their clothing, hairstyle or personality, everything is changing. There is no better time to try new things than during a festive season. So men here’s your chance! When women are all set to shine this festive season, why should men remain behind?

Indian clothing has never been cooler. Especially with Diwali and the festive season upon us, there’s no better time to flaunt your Indian ethnic wear collection than now. But if you’ve always thought of the native garb as being a tad too left-field, thing again. Here is how you can update your Indian ethnic wear with a strong modern edge. Looking for different men’s festival shirts, then you are in the right place as it gives you an outlook at men’s ethnic wear fashion to follow.

There are so many amazing methods those designers from around the motherland has specified to the beau monde. By means of new-age designs coming in, you don’t have to fasten to that common pajama Kurta or Sherwani. Just contain a look at the beneath styles and you will be familiar with what is in a fashion that can create your look dissimilarly. Let’s find out which ethnic wear for men would be right outfit for the festive day for you, your brother and your best buddy.

Funky Pants for Festivals

Experiment with funky pants for festivals. Try basic colors of black and white or go creative with different colors. Funky nd unique designed pants rather the regular pants will add to your style and change your look as a whole.


Ethnic Vests for Men

Nothing can look more traditional and classy than an ethnic design vest. They can make any simple kurti look grand and perfect. A simple but richly embroided vest can complete your look.

09032705 Vest Ethnic Spanish black gold trim C38

Footwear Designs for Men

Why just clothing? For festivals try conventional footwear designs in Indian prints. This will definitely make you look unique and smart. Rather than going with regular shoes with your festive outfit, go with some ethnic shoes and prove that you are fully ethnic.


Sleek Men’s Hairstyles for the Festive Time

Hairstyles for festivals should be neat and sleek. If you have long hair, tying it in a pigtail is an apt option. When you are getting yourself ready, you should also get yourself a new hairstyle that should fit your desi outfit.


Wrist Bracelet Ideas

There is not much that men can accessorize with. But a wrist bracelet is definitely worth a try. For the festive season, try something more colorful and loud to get a fabulous festival look.


Stylish Kurta Ideas for Men

For a traditional look, nothing works better than a kurta. Go for some new and contemporary designs that are sure to catch a lot of attention.


Sport a Turban

For a complete Indian look, try a simple yet elegant turban. Try a contrasting color with what you are wearing to bring out an amazing look.


The bandhgala

It’s the perfect alternative to the lapelled evening suit. While classic black is a mainstay for formal dos, less formal events give you the chance to sport newer styles with subtle design details like tucks and contrasting trims. Be sure not to leave out the silk kerchief in the welt pocket.

Mix It Up

For weddings or other ethnic occasions, add a touch of authority to the silk kurta and churidar combo by pairing it with a slim dark blazer and formal leather oxfords.

Color Code

Go for deep colors like mustard, olive, violet or plum to avoid those henna stains! Safari suit would be a good break from formal wear and look trendy too! And yeah no sherwanis please, save them for other, more formal ceremonies!

Embroidered Achkan

Decide for a seriously embellished Achkan kurta in extensive span and team it up with solid colored churidars. You can dress in this furnish on your gigantic day or keep it on for Mehendi function or some other day. To accessorize, a wrap will effort perfectly as a great fashion accessory.

Achkans with a button placket in the front is all in trend. It’s roughly like a knee-length jacket switched in the facade to provide a stylish look. It can be simple, decorative or embellished with profound fabric like silk or brocade and balancing with churidar pants, dhotis or salwar. It is just right for circumstances like weddings, sangeet or festivals.

men's fashion style 1


Anarkalis are just about women? It is a myth; men can wear them as well. The ideal one is in knee-length with churidar pants and bandhgala jacket. Complete the look with a conventional Rajasthani turban and mojaris. Deep colors like maroon and brick red can speculate. You can go for golden for a rich Indian look.

Remember Ranveer’s outlook at his wedding? Cool right!! You can also try that.

Safari Suit

If you are fed up of tiresome kurtas or regular shirts, then safari suit is a huge plan for men who have delicate feel in manner. Brace a neutral or khaki colored similar waist or hip length jacket with pants and be dressed in any disparity color shirt or tee in the jacket.

men's fashion style

Asymmetrical Shwerwani

Sherwani with asymmetric collar and cut gives a fashionable look. Designers are forthcoming with sherwanis in wealthy and alien fabrics all season. Sherwanis are frequently complete with heavier fabrics and are an all the rage choice for a variety of official occasions. Join up with churidar or lose pants, identical jootis or shoes and a dupatta with it.

men's fashion style 1


Dhotis form the bottoms of every customary clothes for man, frequently set aside for weddings or religious ceremonies. They have customarily been the garment and are still great in style amongst the men of all India. But they’re back as a chic part of clothing repeatedly, particularly for benedicts.

men's fashion styleThis festive season, don’t let women walk away with all the compliments. These tips are some of the best ideas to try this season and to impress everyone!

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