11 Men’s Suits Ideas For Every Budget and Occasion [2020]

Suits are the ultimate fashion and style statements for men. When it comes to buying the best suit, it’s not about the price tag – It’s all about the fit!!!

“Fashion fades; style is eternal.” This famous quote by Yves Saint Laurent points towards a few wardrobe staples that are not subject to the frequently changing fashion trends.

A perfectly tailored suit will make you stand out and enhance your work and social life. A bespoke suit will definitely fetch you a pretty penny, but we bet it’s dandy-worthy.

The type of suit you wear tells a lot about your persona and fashion sense. From casual ready-to-wear options to well-tailored party wear a suit, our favourite picks will steer you towards the coolest fashion mantra!!


All-Season Wear Navy Blue Wool Suit

The navy blue suit is a must-have wardrobe item for men. It works well from job interviews to formal outings. Choose a not too heavy woollen fabric which will carry you well throughout the year.

The colour is not too inky as the classic black and looks great on all skin tones. Wear a light blue or white-coloured shirt to compliment the suit.

wool suits

Mandarin Collar Men’s Vests

Get inspired by King Khan and get one mandarin collar suit. The style icon shows how stylish you look in this vest. You may replace the black colour with any colour of your choice – white, brown, maroon or blue – depending on the occasion.

Mandarin suits are in rage for men who want to distinctly stand out at any gathering.

srk suits

Trending Men’s Velvet Suits

Velvet outfits are trending recently. Famous Hollywood and Bollywood stars swear by the mesmerizing looks of the velvet trend. Velvet suits blend in with your fancy styles and formal appearance and make you a model of sophistication at any event.

velvet suits

Stylish Checkered Double-Breasted Off-White Suit

Once you have got your hands on single-breasted suits – much in demand for business lunches – go beyond for something fancier. A double-breasted suit with fine checkered pattern tells the world that you’re definitely a style icon.

checks suits

Slim-Fit Purple Tuxedo With Shawl Lapel Collar

Buying a tuxedo will prove to be a great investment for your wardrobe. Go for differently styled tuxedos – from shawl to peak lapels, from black to purple tints, from flapped to jetted pockets and one buttoned closure – and you’re golden!!

purple suites

Medium Grey Asymmetrical Design Suit

Discover an all-new personality with different shades of grey suits. Medium grey is the new colour of sophistication. Become the talk of the town with this asymmetric design suit that brings out the undying swag in you.

White, black and brown-tinted shirts go well with this suit. Accessorize with black shoes and tie for an attractive look.

Grey Asymmetrical Design Suit

Traditional Jodhpuri Suit For Weddings

For men who want to look regal and charming, nothing better than a Jodhpuri suit should be opted for. Jodhpuri’s are trending in the Indian fashion industry with a mark of style, sophistication and ethnicity. This Indian attire with western cuts is so quintessential and trendsetting at weddings.

Traditional Jodhpuri Suit For Weddings

The Patterned Suit

The patterned suit will lend you a whimsical, boisterous look that will scream out for attention! Get inspired from the ever-charming Ranveer Singh and try something that’s debonair and suave!

ranveer in Suit

Three-Piece Suit With Horseshoe Cut Waistcoat

Bradley Cooper marks the new fashion statement with the stylish three-piece designer suit. The horseshoe or U-shaped waistcoat adds to the designer look.

Bring out the fashionista in you with a darn stylish 3-piece suit. It gives an elegant and timeless look. It’s not an everyday outfit so reserve it for special occasions.

Three-Piece Suit Bradley Cooper

The Classic Black Suit

The jet-black suits offer a classic and voguish look that never goes out of fashion. If you own a black suit, it’s a style that talks on all occasion. From everyday work to casual outings, a black suit is a wardrobe essential for all men. Black suits can be worn to weddings, cocktail parties or business or even sombre events.

The Classic Black Suit

Bespoke Italian Champagne Prom Dress Suits

A well-tailored suit for prom nights is essential for your closet. These suits may cost you more but they are a must to complete your closet suits collection. Complete the look of this champagne tinted suit with dark brown, grey or black accessories for a flattering appeal.

Italian Champagne Prom Dress Suits

We are sure you must have adored the suits collection above. Make sure you accessorize the suits with a smart tie, attractive tie pin and cufflinks. Carry your suits with style and confidence!!

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