A ‘must watch’ for all married women and their unromantic husbands!

Sunil Grover, famous for his powerhouse performance in Kapil Sharma’s show as ‘Gutthi’ and ‘Rinku Bhabhi’ came up with a hilarious video on International Women’s Day, where Rinku Bhabhi rants about his unloving husband and this video will definitely make your day.

This video is about an innocent wife and her cravings for her husband’s love and attention. Rinku Bhabhi rants how the marriage turned out to be a disaster for her and she says- ‘Jindagi Barbaad Hogiya’. She further complains that how her husband always gives her uninteresting replies- ‘ Har baat pe theek theek hai karte’, ‘Har baat pe ok ok karte’.

Sunil Grover, popular for his perfect comic timings and a great sense of humour, penned down the lyrics of the song and sang the song in his voice. He announced it on Twitter that it his tribute for all girls.

Watch this amazing video:

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