While most of us are busy being lazy and doing nothing, an Indian woman is running and all set to break all records. Michelle Kakade is 46 but the way she lives her life is much younger and better than most of ours. She is also called the Queen of Endurance. If you don’t know her yet it’s about time you did because this woman is all set to create history.

Kakade, who hails from Pune, is a mother of two. At the age of 35 where most women crib about how old age is approaching them soon, she decided to do something worth living for. Running was a sport she left back in school but as destiny would have it, she realized her passion in it. Michelle is the first Indian ever to have completed the 4 Desert Challenge. And mind you, this isn’t a normal running challenge at all. She is also the only Indian to have won a membership into the prestigious 4 Desert Club. The Desert Challenge, one of the toughest in the world, includes the four marathons of The Atacama Crossing in Chile, The Gobi March in China, Sahara Race in Egypt and The Last Desert in Antarctica. Michelle completed all these marathons between 2011 to 2012. And that is not all because Michelle also holds a Limca Book of Records in being the first woman to run 171.2 km for 25 hours on a treadmill.


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All these achievements have not stopped Michelle. She is now on the Great India Quadilateral Run. Michelle started the run on 21st of October this year. In this journey she will be running for 181 days in 164 stages, covering 57 major cities and the country’s most valuable highway project called the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’, which is a whopping 6010 km! She would be running for 35 kms a day, starting at 5 am every morning. It is also a charity run where Michelle aims to promote women empowerment.


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If this is all the inspiration you need, join Michelle and support her in creating history! Way to go girl!

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