Microwave Mug Dishes You’ll Love Making – Hassle Free Cooking!

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Do you reach for it most often while at home or at work?? Yes, we are talking about your favorite mug!! Coming home late from work or tight routines can make you skip meals often. The fear of mixing, cooking and baking various foodies delights can make you run out of the kitchen screaming (don’t panic all of us have passed through this stage)! Then why not consider cooking in a mug?

Microwave + Mug + Simple Ingredients + 5 minutes = Yummylicious snacks!!!

From desserts to pies, these snacks or meals in a mug can make your day!!

Delectable Red Velvet Cake In Mug

The looks of this mug cake mesmerizes your sense so much that you’ll want to gift wrap the colorful mug and place it on your desk forever! The taste has to be delectable, isn’t it?

Find the recipe here.

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Delicious Chicken Quiche In A Cup

After a yummy dessert recipe, you’ll want to try out something filling, something that will curb your hunger. Make a quick chicken meal for yourself with this simple yet delicious quiche recipe. Dinner is done for tonight!

Find the recipe here.

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Cheddar Broiled Roasted Tomato Soup

Hungry Kya? Try this yummy roasted tomato soup while your stomach is growling for food. Don’t skip dinner or eat leftovers if you’re coming home late; prepare the tomato soup a day ahead and refrigerate it. When is time to dine; ladle it into your cup, top it with bread or toast, sprinkle it with cheese and lastly grill this in a preheated broiler. We bet you won’t resist another cup!

Find the recipe here.

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Microwave Brownie In Mug With Peanut Butter Magic

Have a joyous meal that ends with such a delectable dessert. Both kids and grownups can savor their sweet tooth with this quick and easy microwaveable brownie recipe.

Find the recipe here.

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Tofu Scramble Mug Breakfast

No need to center your breakfasts on eggs and toasts! Try this healthy vegan tofu recipe for a filling morning breakfast. This is a must try option for people who abstain from meat and dairy products.

Find the recipe here.

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We are sure your mouth’s watering right away! So what are you waiting for? Go and prepare yummy microwave in a mug snacks and satiate your tummy!

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