A 20 year old animal activist and her mother were brutally assaulted by their neighbour Milind Kale for the mere reason of they taking care of 3 stray puppies. Yes, you read it right. Such has become the state of affairs in our country.

This incident took place in one of the societies in Kothrud, Pune and the victims were lucky enough to have a CCTV footage to prove their story. According to the victim’s relatives, Milind Kale assaulted Sejal Saraf by hitting her head against a wall and spitting at her mother as they were attempting to prevent municipal authorities from taking the stray dogs.

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These 3 puppies recently lost their mother and Sejal along with her mother were taking care of these puppies. Milind Kale apparently was not very happy with the littering and used to harass the puppies too. When the municipal authorities came to pick up the puppies, the mother-daughter duo protested and were hit by Milind Kale. Sejal says, “I had been looking after the three pups, which are just two months old. When I heard that they were being taken away, I went down to speak to the authorities, who also agreed that the puppies were too young to be taken away. They left, but an agitated Kale, who stays in the same building, came out of nowhere and attacked my mother and me. He abused us and questioned our character.”

Milind Kale has been booked under sections 354, 506, 325, 323 and 506(2) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and was arrested yesterday. However, the animal activists demand a severe action to be taken against Milind Kale.

Sejal further says, “My tooth has fallen out and my eyes are swollen. I have been on painkillers after the attack. He even spat at my mother. We are utterly traumatised.”

None of the neighbours came out to help the women which is a SHAME on our society. How long are we going to look out of our windows and just watch? A man had the audacity to attack two women in broad daylight in front of his residence, what does it say about us as a society? Will women ever feel safe in our country?

This incident also brings to the surface the larger pitfalls regarding animal welfare in the country and needs more awareness regarding illegal sterilizations, procedure of sterilizations and in general animal welfare. Activist Anson Joseph who has been a part of this case says, “The law does not allow for animals below six months of age to be picked up for sterilisation. The puppies were only two months old and this is a clear violation. It is also the animal volunteer’s job to coordinate with dog catchers, maintain records and also be present during pick-ups. Sejal was only doing her job.”

With such inhuman behaviour from a well educated citizen of the country for such an insignificant affair and the killing silence of onlookers, the question to ask is “Where are we headed as a society?”

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