Actor Milind Soman – Iron Man – Truely Made in India!!


milind_soman_clrRight from 90’s Milind Soman, has kept his style and living class apart. He has become old with every year, but he is been like aged Whisky for sure.

With latest achievement he has completed toughest triathlon in the world, which was held in Zurich in Switzerland.

This triathlon is one of the toughest as it test endurance, mental and physical being and overall fitness. Total 2000 participants were enrolled which had 7 Indians.

Triathlon involves 3.8 km Swim, cycle ride of 180.2 km and lastly 42.2 km Run, which is to be completed without break. This all need to be completed in 16 hours. Result give us real IRONMAN.

Milind Soman at age of sparkling 50 yrs, completed this triathlon in in 15 hours and 19 minutes.

“If you are sufficiently aware and monitor your body’s response at every stage in terms of nutrition and pace, it will all come together. I wanted to gift myself something special in my 50th year and I am glad I could do this,” said Soman  – The Indian Express 

DesktopMilind Soman has taken our breath right from his video with Alisha Chinai – Made in India, his awesome body shoots and now with his grey hair look and seductive advertisement.

“So we would really say that  – Iron man is made in India”

MILIND_SOMAN_1_-_H_1629467g Milind-Soman-in-new-AD-film-created-by-Wieden-+-Kennedy-for-Old-Spice-deodorants PythonShoes

Here is his video of Made in India:

Kudos to Milind Soman!! We are all proud of you!!

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