Mini Dish Ideas – Scrumptious Bite Sized Appetizers To Binge On

mini dish ideas

Miniature bites look so cute and appetizing! Anything that’s itty bitty becomes popular amongst foodies in the current era. Probably its the cuteness factor or it may be the easier way to serve your guests. All that’s large can be converted into mini bites, thanks to some creative foodies in the kitchen. There is an endless array of mini dish ideas that can be loaded on your appetizer trays! We have picked a few scrumptious mini bites for our viewers but the options are limitless.

Mini Mac And Cheese Bites

Mini Mac and Cheese treats are awesome for last minute parties or when guests pop in for a surprise. They look cute and taste yummy too.

Find recipe here.

Mini dish Mac and cheese
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Mini Chicken Tostadas For Parties

Mini Chicken Tostadas on tortilla chips is a versatile dish you can try at any parties. The five layered flavorsome dish is very appetizing and delicious. You may swap in the ingredients of your choice to suit your palette.

Find recipe here.

mini dish chicken tostadas
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Mini Tomato And Mozzarella Tarts

Tomato tarts are impressive finger foods for kids – both young and old! You may include some veggies if your kids are picky eating them otherwise. Try them today!

Find recipe here.

mini dish-tomato-tarts
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Carrot And Celery Mini Dish Salad

While looking for a healthy snacking option the first thing that pops your mind is salads. Take your favorite veggies & fruits and assemble a great salad. Serve them in grab-n-go shot glasses to make the finger food perfect for mingling.

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Find recipe here.

mini dish salad
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Mini Banana Splits

Here comes the finale! No meal is complete without a dessert. Impress your guests with cute mini milkshakes, mini coke floats, mini pies, mini banana splits and much more. Bana mini bites is a lovely ice-cream dessert with whipped cream and banana for yummy munching!

Find recipe here.

mini dish banana splits
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From mini shrimp cocktails to mini casseroles, anything can be served as mini bites to your guests!

Share your recipes of mini dishes with us!!

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