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To represent your country internationally is a proud moment for any Indian. Meenakshi Choudhary is super excited to be labeled as India at the Miss Grand International 2018. The pageant is scheduled to be held on October 25th, 2018 in Myanmar.

Miss Grand International 2018 is the world’s leading international beauty pageant organized by Thailand based organization lead by Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil President of Miss Grand International Organization (MGIO). It has been a successful event since 2013 and held in Thailand, Las Vegas, United States, Phu Quoc, Vietnam, Cuba, Australia and Indonesia respectively.

Miss Grand International Motto – Stop the War and Violence

This international beauty pageant is one world class contest that focuses on promotion of “Stop the War and Violence” and brings together contestants from across the world. The organization along with government and corporate support has made a stand that will work for the betterment of humanity.

Every year around 90 contestants participate in this mega event since 2013. Vartika Singh, Indian model crowned as Femina Miss Grand India 2015, was the first delegate to represent India and was titled as the second runner-up at the event. Maria Jose Lora from Peru was crowned as the Miss Grand International 2017 title last year in Indonesia.

Miss Grand International 2018 1Miss Grand International Organization discusses with different countries of Asia to host this world class beauty event for 2018 and finally Myanmar was chosen as the host country. Hello Madam Media Group Co., Ltd. will be the main organizer of Miss Grand International 2018 collaborating with the government of Myanmar. Nawat Itsaragrisil the president of MGIO is a Thai TV show host who visited India for the first time along with Ms. Maria Jose Lora and Meenakshi Choudhary sashed as 1st runner-up Miss India 2018.

India participates in numerous beauty pageant shows nationally and internationally to support different social causes. Millions of people worldwide are excited to watch India’s next representative – Meenakshi Choudhary – at the international platform in Myanmar. Meenakshi is a state-level badminton player and swimmer and currently pursuing Bachelors in Dental Surgery.

Stylewhack got chance to interact with Maria Jose Lora, Meenakshi Choudhary and Mr. Nawat and get insights about Miss International Grand 2018.

Meenakshi Choudhary – 1st runner-up Miss India 2018

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  1. How do you feel to represent India globally?

Meenaskhi said, “I feel blessed to get this opportunity to represent India on an international platform. I am proud to be the sole face representing India globally. This is a great responsibility and I will put in my best to come out with flying colors.”

  1. You being face of India in Miss Grand International, what message you would be carrying from India?

“Miss Grand International is a beauty contest with a purpose – Stop the War and Violence – where we as humans can understand importance of each other and live in peace and harmony. I am glad to be a part of this pageant to carry this message across while representing our country,” said Meenakshi.

  1. How have you prepared yourself for Miss Grand International?

She responded saying, “Preparations have started and focus is given to both the mental and physical health. Ramp walk and body workout have started and I am glad to attend these sessions. At the end it’s about who you are and not just a beauty pageant.”

Maria Jose Lora – Miss Grand International 2017

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  1. It’s been a year you are holding the crown of Miss Grand International, how was your experience?

Maria quoted, “It has been an amazing experience to win the title of Miss Grand International as a young girl. However, it takes a lot of efforts to get there; you have to be a hard-worker as you grow as a person. Everything I have learnt from this pageant will benefit me for my next goal.”

  1. Being Miss Grand International, what were contributions towards the main motto of the pageant?

“I have worked very hard for this title since as was a child, may be even before I was 13. I have tried to bring to the pageant a real person that can connect to the people. Thus, many of my fans across the globe call me the ‘Humble Queen’,” answered Maria.

  1. What qualities do you wish to see in your successor?

Maria said, “Though physical beauty is important for winning a beauty pageant she wishes her successor should be a strong woman, ready to work very hard, adapt to new cultures, down to earth personality and someone who can really connect to people like she does.”

  1. Anything you want to communicate to contestant of Miss Grand International 2018?

Maria’s message to the contestants of Miss Grand International 2018 goes like, “If you really want to win this title they key is to prepare yourself both mentally and physically as you need to word hard towards achieving their goals.”

Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil – President of MGIO 

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  1. As we see our society has outgrown about awareness related to war and violence in today’s time, how do you see contribution that Miss Grand International to in past 5 seasons?

Mr. Nawat positively replied, “First of all we have to accept that war is the big problem since the beginning of the world until right now. People should understand the repercussions of war and the after effects of war and spread the words across. We cannot stop the war in real but it’s necessary to spread the message.”

  1. Generally, pageant is considered to be 80% related to beauty and carrying oneself, what is major focus of Miss Grand International Pageant other than said parameters.

Mr. Nawat says, “Apart from beauty, the focus of this pageant is to select a girl who is ready to work, more comfortable to work with a group of people and our organizations. The key focus is about beauty with duty.”

  1. What are your expectations from winner for this season or for 2018 title?

According to Mr. Nawat, “The winner of this pageant should be smart, ready to work whole-heartedly, and humble. The selection of top 10 finalists will be based on the speech on the pageants Motto – Stop the War. The winner will be selected on the basis of question and answer round at the end of the event.”

So let’s spread the message – Stop the war and violence – across the globe as we witness the spectacular event of Miss Grand International 2018, Myanmar.


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