These Moments Will Never Come Back!

He clutched Gulab’s hand tightly as a Tavera whizzed by and quickly stole a look at her to check if she gave him an impatient glare. As promised to herself, Gulab made an attempt to be more patient with him and gave him a small encouraging smile. Finally, after a long wait, he released her hand and slowly trudged towards the other side of the road. The elated look on his face was infectious and soon Gulab flashed him a wide grin. He clapped gleefully once as if he had just conquered Mount Everest and waved at her. Like every day, it was a signal for Gulab to leave. Inspite of all the traffic din she heard his feeble voice,

“Go home carefully!”

Gulab smiled at him again and was lost on her smartphone as she walked back home. This was a regular practice where every day Gulab helped her grandfather dress up and then assist him to cross the road so he could go for an evening walk along with his oldie friends. She had that stubborn emotional lump in her throat as she reached home. Gulab had been ignoring that niggling feeling for quite some time now, but today she just burst out crying. She was aware and she had heard that life comes in a circle. It always does! For everyone! But she disliked to be practical, she was an emotional fool and she desperately wished her grandfather would always be strong like she had seen him when she was a kid and all those moments just flashed by her eyes.

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Today, she does it all for him, but being a working lady and lost in the smartphone generation, she often forgets to be patient with the one man in this world who loved her unconditionally. For everyone who keep ranting that oldies are like kids, Gulab would like to add they are worst than kids as they come with lot of experience. You can yell at a kid to be silent and flatly refuse his/ her demands, but you can’t do the same with your old parents/ grandparents.

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All Gulab wants to convey is that your parents have reached an age where they crave for your time and love. Materialistic things will make them happy, but nothing can match that hour long conversation with them where they will keep sharing the same story or incident which they have already done maybe twenty times with you before. Be more patient with them, call them once on the mobile phone you have gifted them and enjoy the small moments with them! After all, it’s better to enjoy a moment before it becomes a memory!

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