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Monday Blues!!

No matter how long your weekend seems your Khooni Monday will come flying to your doors. No matter how many excuses you make, you need to get up and carry on with your work. It’s funny how during the weekend you are a free bird, living your dreams and come Monday, reality breaks right in! Mondays, why you be so annoying?

Anyway, since we have tried all excuses from ‘mere pet me dard hai’, ‘my boss is too rude man’ to ‘I don’t think my life is on the right track. Let me sleep and figure it out later’ and nothing seemed to work, we better just face it right? But how? Take little effort and scroll down with concentration for some kickass ways to beat the hell out of a Monday morning!

Let some good thoughts in

Stop waking up thinking you are a good-for-nothing even if you are! Wake up to good thoughts like ‘I am going to have a wonderful day’ or ‘I am going to work so hard that ek promotion toh pakka hoga’.

Monday blues3

Fight Monday Blue By Playing Your Favorite Waala Gaana

Play some of your favorite songs to set you in the mood for a Monday. It could be anything from cheesy, romantic songs to saucy, raunchy item songs!

monday blues

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Get that body moving

Nothing rejuvenates you more than a good exercise. Be it yoga or pilates, show that Monday guy what you’ve got in you!

Monday blues 4

Cook some yum breakfast

Wake up to the idea of cooking your favourite breakfast and eating it all by yourself. Come on, if there’s anything better than food, it is apne haath ka khana!

Monday blues 5

Basanti Naach!

You don’t need to move like Channing Tatum. You could just be Sunny Deol dancing to Sheel ki jawani! Dance is a sure to way to beat your Monday blues!

monday blues

 Sing your heart out

Awaken the Shreya Ghoshals and Sonu Nigams in you and sing your way to the shower. This will wake you and your neighbours as well! Charity quota, check!

Monday blues 6

LOL  Literally

Listen to some jokes or make some of your own. Whatever be it, don’t forget to Laugh Out Loud. A good laugh gets your mood going good any day!

Monday blues 2

Schedule things to look forward to

Schedule your online deliveries for a Monday, invite your friends over on a Monday or set up a date on a Monday night. Anticipation of good things will make your Mondays awesome!

Monday blues 44

Spend time with your pet

Your pets will shower you with unconditional love to survive a whole Monday. If you don’t have one, get one!

Monday blues11

Flaunt the best of you

Wear your best clothes, put on that sexy lipstick and fragrance. Let Monday be your ‘this is the real me’ day.

Monday blues

Monday Blues Fight With Chocolate

If nothing seems to work eat some chocolate. After all, tummy khush toh aap bhi khush!

Monday blues

Bring it on, you son of a Monday!

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