Monsoon Soups – Satisfy Your Taste Buds With Lip Smacking Desi Soups


Slurp down some delicious soups this monsoon and relax comfortably on weekends. The monsoon in India brings a lot of lovely things with it every year. We love enjoying the cool weather with hot spicy pakoras and sipping through steaming cups of masala chai. A hot steaming bowl of soup can bring relief when you return home battling though the rain. The chilling weather is when you crave for something spicy and lip smacking. Monsoon soups have an important space in the Indian diet. Soups are a healthy way to increase your low calorie vegan intake and are quick and easy to prepare. They also meet the hydration requirements in this weather.

So, warm up with some flavorsome delicacies of regional desi monsoon soups!

drinking monsson soups

Mulligatawny Soup

A delicious legacy from the British times – the Mulligatawny soup is a preparation that includes vegetables, lentils, chicken, apple coconut milk and various spices. Rich with a whole lot of goodness this soup will savor your taste buds.

mulligatawny monsoon soup
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Maharashtrian Tomato Saar

Tomato soups are popular throughout India. Give a regional twist in taste to this tangy flavored soup and add a dash of crunch with bread croutons. Yummilicious Maharashtrian tomato saar is mildly curried and can be taken with pulav or masala bhat!

tomato monsoon soups
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Paaya Shourba Or Kharode Ka Soup

This soup is made from lamb trotters and is flavored with Indian spices. It holds a favorite place among the Indian non-vegetarian families. Slowly simmered meat and bone marrow releases amazing nutrients to make a delectable clear broth. It’s a wonder food for recuperating individuals.

Monsoon soups-paya soup
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Roasted Corn And Bellpepper Soup

Everyone of you love sipping corn soups. There are so many varieties of soups prepared from the favorite monsoon staple. From sweet corn to ethnic Mughlai corn soup delight, relish all flavors. Serve this smoked nutritious and wholesome soup with rice or rotis.

Monsoon soups - corn and bellpepper
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Spicy Spinach Soup With Paneer Croutons

Become Popeye this rainy season by sipping hot and spicy spinach soup. The soup is loaded with the goodness of spinach, aromatic spices, fenugreek leaves, mint, garlic and fresh cream. The crispy paneer croutons add a foodie twist to the recipe.

Spinach monsoon soups
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Rasam – The South Indian Delight

Rasam is a south Indian staple prepared from toor dal with a piquant taste from lemon, tomatoes and tamarind. There are innumerable variations of this soup made with fruits and veggies like watermelon, coconut, drumsticks, pepper, mango, etc.

Monsoon soups-Rasam
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These are our favorite picks of monsoon soups for you. Try them. The colorful and tasteful soup recipes will be your comfort food in the days to come.



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