35 Most Beautiful Chinese Girls That You Should Know About – 2019 (Updated List)

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The Chinese entertainment industry has many beautiful celebrities with their versatile talents. Our post will present you 35 top most beautiful Chinese women with the perfect skin, perfect body size, and amiable appearance that attract attention. They are the reason behind the big success of the Chinese filmmaking. They are super talented and super gorgeous women appreciated across the globe.

Here is the list of 35 Most Beautiful Chinese Girls (With Pictures)

1. Liu Yifei

Liu is a beautiful and very talented Chinese model, actress, and singer. She is popularly known as ‘Fairy Sister’ and ‘Crystal Liu’ in the showbiz for her attractive personality.

beautiful chinese girls Liu Yifei2. Chi-Ling Lin

She is a Taiwanese model turned actress and a very talented television host. She is a brand ambassador for top brands and organizations and is regarded as one of the most beautiful Chinese women.

beautiful chinese girls Chi-Ling Lin

3. Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun has worked in many Chinese movies like Suzhou River (2000), Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002) and has bagged various awards in the industry.

beautiful chinese girls Zhou Xun4. Gao Yuanyuan

Gao Yuanyuan is a very attractive celebrity from China. Her career in the entertainment industry kicked off with television and then moved on to give some hit Chinese movies.

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5. Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu is a beautiful Chinese woman that has attracted the audiences with her versatility and skilful acting skills.

beautiful chinese girls Zhang Jingchu

6. Fan Bingbing

She is very famous and highest paid Chinese actress. She is also listed under the hot Chinese girls of the world. Her television series My Fair Princess bagged her huge success at the start of her acting career.beautiful chinese girls Fan Bingbing

7. Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei is a beautiful Chinese actress, film director and producer. She is declared as the most beautiful Chinese actress in the world.

Zhao Wei

8. Zhang Yuqi

She has gained popularity across the globe with her talent and beauty. She has a stunning figure and sizzling hot looks.

beautiful chinese girls Zhang Yuqi

9. Xu Jinglei

How many 43 years old Chinese girls look so hot and gorgeous? Xu made her directorial debut with the film My Father and I, since then there is no looking back.

beautiful chinese girls Xu Jinglei10. Tang Wei

The China girl Tang Wei is one of the successful and hot Chinese women who learned to paint. She is a smart model turned actress in China.

beautiful chinese girls Tang Wei

11. Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi is regarded as Four Dan Actresses in China and is the most popular Asian actress in the western countries. Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) is one of her commercially successful and awarded film.beautiful chinese girls Zhang Ziyi

12. Yang Mi

Born in Beijing, Yang Mi started her acting career at age 4. She is a very talented singer, actress & producer and one of the most beautiful Chinese women.

Yang Mi

13. Michelle Reis

Michelle Monique Reis is an actress of Shanghainese and Portuguese descent. She is the winner of Miss Hong Kong 1988 Beauty pageant and Miss Chinese International Pageant 1988.

chinese girls Michelle Reis

14. Joey Wong

Joey Wong is a Taiwanese-born, Hong Kong-based actress. Her ethereal beauty was showcased in the movie A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) and its sequels. Check them out!

chinese girls Joey Wong

15. Maggie Cheung

She has over 80 films to her credit since starting her career in 1983. She is a favourite comedienne for many in the last decade and loves to do films in action genre.

chinese girls Maggie Cheung

16. Gigi Lai

Since this pretty actress was born as Lai Chi she has been named the “Goddess of Beauty”. She is a well-known singer with albums released in Mandarin and Cantonese.

 Gigi Lai

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17. Zhang Zilin

She is a fashion model to have bagged the Miss China World title in 2007 and was eventually crowned Miss World 2007 too. Being a model and actress she is very attractive.

chinese girls Zhang Zilin

18. Victoria Song

Victoria has majored in Chinese ethnic dance performances from Beijing Dance Academy. From there she moved on to modeling and acting as her career. She is a part of a girl group and is very successful.

chinese girls Victoria Song

19. Wang Fei Fei

Fei is a member of a South Korean girl group Miss A. She has been gifted with enticing looks that makes her popular brand ambassador of many Chinese and Korean brands like MediHeal.

chinese girls Wang Fei Fei

20. Jiang Qinqin

She made her entry in the entertainment industry at age 10, when she learned Beijing Opera and graduated later from the Beijing Film Academy. Her movie Tears in Heaven (1997) gained her fame.

chinese girls Jiang Qinqin21. Yuan Li

Yuan Li is a hot Chinese girl who played in many Chinese movies and television series. She has won the Best Supporting Actress at the 18th China Golden Eagle Awards for the TV series Never Close Eyes.

chinese girls Yuan Li22. Wang Likun

The traditional dancer was first casted in the TV series Seven Swordsmen. Her talent was honoured many awards for the movie Somewhere Only We Know.


23. Yuan Quan

Yuan Quan is a hot and sexy Chinese actress who played very impressive roles in movies like Once Upon A Time In Shanghai. She is still very active in the film industry.

chinese girls Yuan Quan
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24. Jia Qing

Qing is a rapper, singer, and actress who have gain popularity across China. She was trained under Seoul Institute of the Arts. She is one of the hot Chinese women in the country.

chinese girls Jia Qing
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25. Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi gained popularity after since she worked in the Chinese time-travel drama Scarlett Heart as Ruoxi. She is a trained ballet dancer with amazing figure and beauty.

beautiful chinese girls Liu Shishi
Image source

26. Chrissie Chau

The actress and model has starred in many horror films. Yes, Horror movies! Womb Ghosts is the one that marked the beginning of her career.

beautiful chinese girls Chrissie Chau
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27. Yao Chen

Yao Chen is a Chinese folk dancer who made her career in acting. She was listed as the 83rd most powerful women in the world by Forbes in 2014.

beautiful chinese girls Yao Chen
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28. Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia gained recognition after she appeared in a TV commercial for lemon tea. Thereon she was casted for Stephen Chow’s King of Comedy, Fly Me to Polaris, etc.

beautiful chinese girls Cecilia Cheung

29. Bobo Gan

Gan Ting Ting made her debut in 2005 in the historical television series Founding Emperor of Ming Dynasty. She received her first award for Hanoi, Hanoi in 2007.

beautiful chinese girls Bobo Gan
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30. Bianca Bai

Bianca Bai is a Taiwanese model turned actress. She was a pretty lad since high school, now being a successful and most beautiful actress.

beautiful chinese girls Bianca Bai

31. Lynn Hung

Hung is a Hong Kong-based fashion model and actress from mainland China. She began working a model in runway scene and continued her acting career.

beautiful chinese girls Lynn Hung
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32. Gaile Lok

Gaile Lok is a Hong Kong-based model, magazine cover girl and actress. She has studied from the US. ‘I Do’ is her debut film.

beautiful chinese girls Gaile Lok
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33. Du Juan

Du Juan is a former ballet dancer, fashion model and film actress. She was the global spokesperson for 5 international fashion giants. She has been touted as the world’s first international Chinese supermodel on the cover of Vogue Paris.

beautiful chinese girls Du Juan
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34. Tien Hsin

Tien Hsin is the Pamela Anderson from Asia, known for her enticing beauty and sexiness. She has mostly acted in roles that are seductive, tempting and sexy.

beautiful chinese girls Tien Hsin
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35. Sui Junbo

Sui is a beautiful hot Chinese actress who has worked for movies like ‘Sat Yik Gaai Lui Wong’ (Why Me Sweetie?) and ‘Zu Zhou’ (Curse of Lola).

beautiful chinese girls Sui Junbo
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Who is your favourite amongst these beauties?


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