A heartfelt message to the mother nature!!


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“Take a quite walk with mother nature. It will nurture your body, mind and soul!!”

Being an environment concern human, my concern became more serious the day these summers came. Apart from the regular course of creating nuisance by this human civilization, I came to a conclusion that how sincere idiots we are when we are educated enough to know about the natural destruction and damage we are causing to this Mother nature’s environment through our actions and mushrooming the concrete trees, and making the forest of concrete a little more denser.

Things are not changing instead, they’re worsened. With bygone days of perfect seasons occurring to us in their respective months, India and the whole world is easily on the verge of death.  with the level of water decreasing where it is found to the areas where it is almost a perfect dry out, what more can come to this evolved human race which is proud enough and not so concerned about its actions for its own present and the future to come.

I can clearly see the visions of all of us reaching to the day when our nation and this world will be seeing the revolution which might not be as great as animal husbandry instead, will be very unique where people won’t be benefited from the revolution perhaps, will be cringing and crying for what they had sown earlier in their past, water reduction, the constant level of fresh water reducing in this world is what my concern is towards.

Today we are facing a situation where water is reducing, India having it’s states like Maharashtra and Bundelkhand region declared as dried out spots is what is shoving our present where, this human race can now easily see the result of their sins. That time is not far away to see when the water will be demanded in the dowry and people are going to die!

The latest melting of glaciers, the climate change and the issues which human are now showing towards the environment is my friend, the human hypocrisy! From the ice sheets of Greenland to the deserts of Arizona, many of the world’s landscapes have been dramatically transformed as their climate grows warmer and drier. At the same time, water use and other human activities have altered many landscapes. NASA has accumulated striking photos that show just how much our surroundings have changed.

Here’s the story of once, the fourth largest lake in the world named the Aral Sea is no more holding the title… Progressively arid conditions and increased irrigation have decimated the lake and the surrounding communities that depend on it. Last year, the eastern basin dried completely.

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To accompany this big name, there are many other natural landscapes such as Snowpack in California’s Sierra Nevada has been a diminishing snowfall which reached the lowest level in recorded history. The reservoir at risk like Lake Mead, which depends on snow-melt from the Rockies, has seen its water levels plummet due to drought and increased demand. The glacier retreat by Yosemite National Park’s Lyell Glacier has receded tremendously over the last century, exposing swaths of bedrock underneath.

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Chocked by drought, decreased snowmelt from the Rockies severely reduced water levels in Arizona’s Lake Powell, affecting those who depend on it for water. The Breaking of Ice, through The retreat of the Zachariæ Isstrøm glacier in Greenland has accelerated since 2012, dumping tons more ice into the Northern Atlantic every year.

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Wonder a world with no humans, soon our carefree, selfish nature is going to drown us in a situation where death will be demanded by us and we will be unable to die, fear this situation. It is never too late to realise, to initiate, to volunteer, to begin and bring the change.

May God Bless us and enlighten us to use our wisdom, because there are much more important things to be concerned for except feminism and intolerance. Nature is one prime important thing to focus on right at this moment.

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