You may know yourself, but motherhood shows you other layers and here’s how

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It is said that for every woman, the biggest surprise comes after she enters motherhood. No matter how much you prepare yourself for it, it will always come with extra surprises. Apart from your body (which you should be really proud about), there are many other changes that happen in a new mother’s life.

You can feel the change, from the inside

Suddenly every little thing has an emotional side to it. You can feel your heart melting at every cry of your baby, you can feel your insides screaming when you see another toddler crying. Basically, your emotions are all over the place. Teachers have confessed how after being a mother, they cut down on punishments for their school kids!

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Motherhood brings with it a plethora of emotions. You become so attached to the little being that you gave birth to. So strong is the attachment that it connects you to your surroundings as well. You can feel the footsteps of an upcoming visitor way too early. And then you rush to the door so that the bell doesn’t disturb the sleeping baby. You make sure not a single window is open to let in mosquitoes. Little things, big intentions-life of a mother!

Turns your life upside down- motherhood

Upside down, literally. You have no regular sleep schedules, your appointments go haywire, meeting friends becomes that Goa plan which never happens. And you know what is the most surprising bit here? You actually seem to enjoy it. I mean sure it isn’t always rosy and nice, how can it be without some solid 8 hours of sleep, right? But hey, every day is a new tantrum, new kind of crying, new failure and new kind of best day! How could we trade it for anything right?

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Personal space, what’s that?

The one and only rule of motherhood is how you never have personal space. Initially, it is all against how you want it to be. But gradually, as years pass by, you get so used to it. A mother’s life revolves around her children. Over the years, having no personal space means being entirely connected with their children. And they have no complaints. Mothers, I tell you!

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Say what you may, motherhood is no less than a roller coaster ride. One that goes on for years. But let’s just accept that there can be no one like our overly touchy, corny and beautiful mums.

Stylwhack wishes all the awesome mothers, a very happy Mother’s Day!

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