To Ammi, Amma, Maa, Mom, Aai, Mother, our creator with love!

Mother's day


“My lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small”

– QU’RAN 17:24

Mother is a genesis, she’s every reason  for a human to live and exist in this world, her sheer composure and pure love towards her child are what keeps one running in any kind of hardship. The selfless character whom God created without any flaws and gave an immense strength to pull out any situation for the one whom she brings in this world.

How different is her life isn’t it?

I mean, just imagine one human being living and working for almost every day in a year tirelessly, with great enigma, and always with a smile and love towards what she is doing especially, not for herself but for every other person around her.

Someone who never complaints and demands of anything except your happiness, smile, and some quality time in a whole day for her where you just call her and say ‘Ammi, how are you? did you take your meal? Ok, will call again in a while, please take care’ which just fills her heart with happiness and makes her smile which lasts for the whole day.

She, who thinks about you every moment regarding your necessities, your needful for any of your important plans which you might have not even mentioned to her but incidentally she has heard you talking about and keeps your stuff ready according to it. Knows the cure to almost every problem and situation you face. Isn’t it  a miracle that how her voice is just amazing  to calm your heartbeat, stable your blood pressure and control your adrenalin rush. And, yes how can someone forget those lovely naps on her lap or hugs which she gives.

A Teacher and a Confidante when at times you fall and lose your strength and confidence to start again, to stand and to run. I remember the time when once, ‘ I came complaining about a teacher for scolding me and she declared that there must be my mistake because of which I was scolded’ brought me to a realization that ‘AMMI doesn’t agree to wrong things’. Our achievements are a reason of her happiness more than ours.

I just sometimes wonder that how does she manage so many things and still stay there for us every time and every moment whenever we need her, well that’s why they say ‘because God couldn’t be everywhere that’s why he created mother’.

A day and this whole life are not enough to thank you for all that you have done for us and are still doing, for all that I mentioned and also, what I was unable to because you’re The Universe and it can’t be summed!

Happy Mother’s Day Maa…You’re the best!

A dedicated letter to all creator of our small world, Happy Mother’s Day to one and all who have dedicate their life to be creator of masterpiece.

Mothers day







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