Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there!

In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.”
― N.K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Indeed a mother is a world for the child. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, this year Stylewhack asked a few mothers on how Motherhood had changed them for good, and here are the answers we got from them –

Rampriya VS, Homemaker

WhatsApp-Image-20160503 (1)“I knew motherhood had changed me for good when I knew I am carrying a miracle in me! My joy knew no boundaries every time she kicked me!! My miracle after three years of our marriage. I stop by here to say she was the eye opener to my life. The day I held my little Angel in my arms, My God! Those feelings cannot be written in lines, my birth as a woman being accomplished. As she was swaddled and given to me, tears started rolling over my eyes asking her three years you took to be I. She just changed my world, I was never an early bird in my life, she was a game changer in my life. She made me more motivated than ever, she inspires me and I am a better person today because of who she is!! Honestly she taught me to be more time efficient with better planning and organizing. Her birth just filled a void which I never knew existed. “Motherhood is empowering “, I feel like motherhood has allowed me to finally be me and accept myself. The greatest ever gift given to me and I call my Energy Ball as ‘Karthika’.”

Kalyani Ranade, Human Resource Professional and part time Jewelry Designer

WhatsApp-Image-20160502I knew motherhood had changed me for good when…
I realized that the most precious jewels I will ever have around my neck are the arms of my child,
I realized I have entered the world of unselfishness,
I realized when I am only giving and there is no taking,
I realized the strengths and abilities I did not know I had,
I realised I can do almost everything, I realized I am expert mind reader now…
But after all these realisations, I realised there is no way to become a perfect mother but there are million ways to become a good one…

Aarti Dange Kulkarni, Banker

IMG-20160505-WA0001“I knew motherhood had changed me for good when the must-haves in my bag changed from lip gloss, kajal and moisturizer to nappies, dry snacks and a ball or some toy. I knew it changed me for good when the books I read changed from Jeffrey Archer novels to books on parenting. My YouTube suggestions used to be Arijit Singh and Mohit Chauhan’s latest numbers. Now the frequently played videos on my YouTube are ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ and ‘Johnny Johnny yes papa’.

But the more profound change that motherhood has brought in me is that I have started laughing a lot for silly reasons. I have started singing and dancing a lot with my kid which I rarely did earlier. I have started appreciating and enjoying the small joys in life.

I have once again changed to my younger self. After all, the mother in me is only 2 years old!”

Rohini Sen, Human Resource Professional –

26722663746_2eb0007bc8_z“I knew motherhood had changed me for good when I decided to take a break from work after my daughter’s birth. I tried working from home after her birth, but soon realized that I wanted to give her the whole of me. Not a part, definitely not. When I went looking back for work after she turned two, I was so clear about certain things like distance to the work place, I wanted a work-life balance. My aspirations and ambitions in life had changed. I wanted to be more involved in raising my child. And now when I look back I think those two years changed me completely. More than anything I think I grew tremendously as a person. And as I have always said, these years have also taught me never to judge mothers. We all make choices and I think each one of us is doing the best that we can. Let’s respect mothers.”

Shweta Kokate – Bodhale, Dentist
‘The simple things are also the extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.’ – The IMG_2652Alchemist.

I knew motherhood has changed me for good when I reflect on how I’ve been trying to be a better and a wiser person with every passing day. Little ‘I’ came into my life with a soft breeze carrying a familiar note of fragrance. ‘Yes! This incredible soul is a part of me’, that’s what I said. It all seemed magical in the moment. Little did I know the tiny soul will soon be my life’s one of the greatest motivations. This journey to motherhood has opened my eyes to real happiness. It has fueled my ambitions and inner desire to reach beyond my potential. Above all, it has taught me to live in the moment.

Am I a perfect mom? Definitely not! And this is exactly what motherhood has taught me- to accept myself. I may not always be a multitasker or the most organized person in the town, but I sure am a person who appreciates life with its many nuances. Taking care of myself is a whole different scenario now. I know I need to be strong in order to be self-sufficient to carry out this monumental responsibility. Raising a child that is grateful to Mother Nature is my responsibility. What is yours?

Sheetal Didwania, Doctor and Homebaker

WhatsApp-Image-20160503“I knew motherhood had changed me for good when I understood a good human being is the best contribution I can make to this world!”





Vinita Jagdale, Homemaker and Business Partner at iPlanet

vinita“Mother is a person whom you admire from your childhood. She is an inspiration. She is an artist and being a MOTHER is a thankless job. Mother is a first person to wake up and last one to go bed. She takes care of household chores runs behind children, takes care of husband’s schedule without a complaint. A mother is always a giver. Even in her anger there’s care and love hidden. The saying is true that “Mothers arms are the most comforting place in this universe.” For my entire family my mother is a role model and “Go to person”. It’s true that they say God can’t be everywhere that’s why he created mother. There are people who are serving without mother. So we all should be thankful and I feel every night just a small THANK YOU and HUG to her could relieve her from all the stress. So Aai today on eve of Mother’s Day with all my heart I thank you and “AAI Tula hats off!” for everything. You are my inspiration, role model, lifeline and I don’t know where I would stand without you. I personally feel there shouldn’t be one day to celebrate motherhood, ‘Every day is a MOTHER’S DAY’ From my side a BIG SHOUT Out & KUDOS to all the mothers out there. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!”

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