Movie Review: Anuraag – A myriad of human emotions (Rating 3.5/5)


Director: Dr. Ambarish Darak
Cast: Mrunmayee Deshpande and Dharmendra Gohil
Rating: 3.5/5

Anuraag, a directorial debut by Dr. Ambarish Darak has many tones of a relationship – right from the initial exciting days to the later fading off. It touches a lot of chords amongst the audience.


The story revolves around the couple Rishabh (Dharmendra Gohil) and Saumya (Mrunmayee Deshpande). Saumya was Rishabh’s secretary and later became his wife after the death of his first wife. Rishabh also has a daughter from the first marriage. As in any marriage, the initial days of marital bliss end soon and the struggle starts when Saumya loses her baby and is then is advised not conceive again to avoid the risk to her life. Post this Rishabh immerses himself in work while Saumya is traumatised and feels Rishabh is not understanding her emotions and mental state.

Their marriage is in shams and hence they decide to go to Leh where they had begun their love story. It is in Leh that they talk their heart out and to know if they stay together or separate, it is best to watch the movie.


The movie has only 2 characters and it is really commendable of Dr. Darak who chose such an offbeat meaningful movie with no masala to start his directorial career. Mrunmayee and Dharmendra try to do justice to the humongous task the movie has put on their shoulders. The cinematography of Suresh Deshmane is extraordinary showcasing beautiful and heart melting landscapes of Leh. With only 1 songs, the movie rhythm is not lost. The film tries its level best to make the audience understand the dynamics of Rishabh and Saumya’s relationship.

What could have been better is the dialogues. The movie seems to have narration more and less dialogues. A beautiful story like this could have been made even more interesting and catchy with the use of impactful dialogues. The story seems to move slow and at some places becomes too heavy to take. A little bit of laughter could have uplifted the story line.

Overall, Anuraag is a fine movie and should be watched atleast once just to feel the myriad of emotions which come in a relationship.

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