MovieReview: Hate Story 3 – Lust, love, hot showers, kiss, bed biting and then some story!


Movie Review – Hate Story 3

CAST:Sharman Joshi, Karan Singh Grover, Zareen Khan, Daisy Shah

DIRECTION:Vishal Pandya


Rating:**and half

The most awaited film Hate Story 3 released today. It is the third instalment of Hate story series. Needless to say the movie does stick with its tagline  ‘Open LoveHidden Hate’.

Like previous Hate story sequels this movie has four protagonists Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan, Karan Singh Grover and Daisy Shah. Hate story 3 is steamy, bold and quite quinky than its instalments. Despite not having Sunny Leone.

The story is simple and quite predictable love, hate, betrayal, lust and hot showers.  The movie starts with Aditya Diwan (Sharman Joshi), a Mumbai based millionaire who owns Diwan group of industries and has a hot, sexy and not so intelligent wife Siya (Zarine Khan). Aditya decides to open a clinic in tribute to his elder deceased brother Vikram played by Priyanshu Chaterjee. While Siya had slept with his elder brother and also surfaced miscarriage. Soon Aditya receives an Audi A8 as an expensive gift and there comes business tycoon Saurabh Singhania (Karan Singh Grover), who stands at the edge of skyscrapers and is all set to ruin the life of Siya and Aditya. Well the movie just moves forward when Saurabh makes an ‘indecent proposal’ which involves Siya, for one night, which obviously doesn’t go well with Aditya. Cut to sexy song number one in the middle of nowhere ‘tujhe apna banae ki kasam kahe hai’.

Not to forget there is also Daisy Shah aka Kaya who is successful, ambitious and hard working employee and she climbs the ladder of success way too fast from being a secretary to cracking a deal of 500 crores. She obeys Aditya’s orders and like a perfect candidate decides to seduce Saurabh underneath hot showers and kisses and smooches.

Well to know the thrill and suspense watch the movie.

In a lay man’s term the movie is a simple saga of badle ki aag which Saurabh takes from Aditya.

The movie has hot showers, sexy scenes, lip smacking, tongue lolling, love bites and also some story in between.

Talking about the actors performance, Sharman had the usual scream and distress as it is his first bold movie, he was quite uncomfortable with the set up while he did do justice to his negative shade.

Zarine Khan was the plastic element in the show apart from showing her thighs and cleavage and thinking what is happening she had nothing more to offer.

Daisy Shah tried her best to look as sexy as she could and tried to raise the oomph factor with lingerie and stilettos.

While Karan Singh Grover also got into the sexy mode of bathing with the actresses. The songs were soothing but each song had the entire 2 minutes of make out and bed biting moments with DaIsy wrapped up in cheetah print bra. we are wondering was the censor board not watching or they simply got onto the flow of the songs and forgot to cut.

Hate Story 3

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The dialogues had f**** word and some classic sentences as ‘he is fucking rascal, ‘handsome is as handsome does’ and the epic one ‘jaanjaye par sambhog hone na paaye.’

The movie also mentions the name of the poison Balledona. In case you want to watch the movie on weekend you might need it. Watch it if you are a fan of Hate Story sequel, while this Hate story lacks story even skin show can’t save the movie.

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**Movie Review by Ruchita Mishra



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