Director: Shakun Batra
Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Rajat Kapoor, Ratna Pathak Shah, Fawad Khan, Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt
Rating: 4.5/5

When one says Family drama, the Barjatya grandeur comes to mind. And when one says Dharma Production, all the nonsensical, over the top shenanigans come to mind. But when one watches Kapoor and Sons, a family drama from the Dharma stables, nothing of this sort comes to mind.

Director Shakun Batra, marks a deviation from the recycled family drama plots seen now and then by showing a complete family, that borders dysfunctional, sewn together by the colourful character of the granddad. We know families are not perfect, but the Kapoor family has so many skeletons in their closet, they put a graveyard to shame.


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Sibling rivalry, favourite elder child, tough financial conditions, fighting parents. Phew! It is just a mix of an American drama plot adapted perfectly to the Indian middle class. The real problems of the family are pivotal to the climax of the story and hence not listed here.

The standout performance of the movie is of Rishi Kapoor in the character of the grandpa, who is hilarious, downright obnoxious with his lewd behaviour (in a nice way). Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak form the second generation Kapoors, who have their marital problems and are not the best of parents, when seen from Siddharth Malhotra’s (younger son) point of view. The elder son (Fawad) is the perfect son, who is not so perfect, successful but not really successful.

Ratna’s tired housewife facade, Rajat’s unsuccessful businessman act lends the movie a tangy taste, the way imli chatni does to chaat.

The movie also has a not so happy ending. (Ladies! get your kerchiefs out.) It also shows that no one is perfect. A special mention for Alia Bhatt as she is the matchstick that lights the gun powder keg called the Kapoors.

The pace is sometimes slow, but the emotional rollercoaster of the story makes you forget all the lean patches in seconds. A must watch movie for sure!

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