#MovieReview: Airlift – Airlift-ed!


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Director: Raja Krishna Menon
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur, Purab Kohli, Prakash Belwadi
Rating: 4/5

Three movies released today Airlift, Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 and Jugni. However Airlift is one such movie which is different form all the genres. It is real, patrotic and gripping every single minute. The movie is based on real life story of Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) who takes care of 1,70,000 Indian refugees stuck in Iraq and also makes sure each and every India is back to their country safe and sound. We have a notion that Indian government and ministry isn’t interested in people and only thrives for money. Once you watch the film, it will be an eye opener for many of them as you will witness External Affairs Ministry taking care of Indian citizens and helping Ranjit in making his mission successful.

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The movie begins with shrewd and practical business man Ranjit who only thinks about business and profits and doesn’t like being called an Indian but a Kuwaiti. He even tells his driver ‘Nair’ to listen to Arabic songs and not Indian songs. However things change on August 1, 1990 when Iraq president Saddam Hussein attacks Kuwait. Although he tells his wife to go to London but they end up stuck in Iraq as the Iraq government doesn’t want anyone to leave.

Although Iraq was killing every Kuwaiti, Indians too were stuck there. One fine day when Ranjit’s driver gets shot dead by a teenage solider from Iraq only then Ranjit makes up his mind to help Indians leave Iraq, and ensure that he takes the responsibility of every Indian’s safety. This shows the Indian side of a practical businessman and an Indian heart when Ranjit becomes all the more responsible and human when he sees his office staff relying on him and then he decides to take care of everyone. He even gives a Kuwaiti women and kid a sound security and safety in his camp.

The movie shows trials and tribulations of an Indian being helpless, being selfish, being human and trying their best to reach their country, with the worst of situations. Although we all know the truth that at the end Ranjit will successfully get all the Indians back to their home town, but still the movie is so intriguing and nail biting that you actually feel for every single person stuck at Iraq. You only get a sigh of relief when you see India’s flag at the airport with 1,70,000 Indians waiting to get into the aircraft to reach their country. That moment of pride and joy can be sensed even now.


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Talking about the performances of actors, Akshay Kumar well needless to say this actor has the power to emote any role and creates an impact with every single scene. He is simply marvelous, outstanding and defines the role apt. One can feel the pain that he is going through. While Nimrit Kaur as Amrita wife of Ranjit is needless to say like any other wife and mother would think about her family thinks about them but soon realizes that her husband is doing something which no one can and understands the nuances of the situation. She is not a supporting actress but her role is well defined and balanced as well. Purab Kohli has few important scenes and is quite impactful.

Although the movie has three songs none of the songs were interfering and goes with the screenplay. The movie loses its emotional touch at some points, there are a number of repeated scenes and is also stretching a bit. Nevertheless, Airlift is surely to watch out for. Book your tickets right away!

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