#MovieReview: Saala Khadoos – Lights, Camera and Knockout!


Saala Khadoos 
Director: Sudha Kongara Prasad
Cast: R Madhavan, Ritika Singh, Zakir Hussain, Mumtaz Sorcar
Rating: 2/5

Saala Khadoos which stars R Madhavan in a bulked up former boxer role named Adi who is rude, crude and blunt. He is on a search for a female boxer who can enter and win women’s boxing championship. As Adi had to leave boxing and he needs to gain his reputation back. Well similar to Chak De India!

Well it has several shades of Chak De India! When you watch the movie, a coach who wants his student to win as he couldn’t fulfill his dream and ambition. Although Chak de India! was a more detailed one. This movie lacks in detailing. Only the sport has changed from hockey to boxing, it’s like promoting women’s hockey and now women’s boxing.

R Madhavan, Adi former boxer has anger issues. After his career got curtailed by an aggravated injury, he became a coach. But his behavior is like that of a righteous Mike Tyson. After he grabs the boxing federation head, he is transferred from Hisar to Chennai. There, he comes across Madhi (Ritika Singh), a fish-seller with no formal training with an uncommon spirit. Soon Madhi who is blunt and uncultured as she is staying in slum and has no idea that she will ever become a boxer. Her family pens their hope on Laxmi her elder sister whom they want to get posted in Police but eventually Laxmi aka Lux starts hating her sister as Adi gives formal training to Madi and not Lux. The jealousy seeps in but Adi believes in training the right candidate and for him Madi is fit as a boxer.

While Madi doesn’t believe that Adi will teach her boxing but has just come to sleep with her. Adi on the other hand trains her and makes her win the championship. Madi who admires Muhammad Ali and treats him as guru falls for Saala Khadoos Adi and eventually confesses him but Adi shoos her away and focuses on his goal to make her world champion.

The movie is quite predictable. The songs are too peppy but yes very much sequential. The dialogues are raw and to the point, one of them being if you remove corruption from sports, you’ll find a hundred champions on every street, while the other one being I clean shit but you stink. The movie has more of a south film screenplay and touch.

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R Madhavan’s performance as strict and blunt coach is indeed great to watch. He is par excellence. From being a shy Manu in Tanu weeds Manu to romantic guy in Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, to a straight forward bulked up Mike Tyson body. Adi steals the show in every screen.

Newbie Ritika Singh is superbly outstanding with her diction, the raw and ripe dialogues which makes her character apt as slum dweller fishermen. She does complete justice to the role. Let’s hope she gets different character oriented roles in future and is not stuck to just to these rustic roles.

Saala Khadoos is a similar story told in a slightly different way. Watch it only if you don’t have anything else to watch over the weekend or if you are a WWE fanatic!

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