MS Dhoni – The Cricketing Warrior Who Can’t Be Written Off

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MS Dhoni has been for many the greatest captain the country has ever witnessed. He has been a top class finisher and his abilities behind the wickets have been just extraordinary. From being a T-20 World Cup winning captain in 2007 to lifting the ICC Champions trophy in 2013, Dhoni has achieved every feat one can just dream of achieving.

Dhoni-The Mastermind

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In the art of managing a finite innings, reading a contest’s rhythm and its tactical aspects, Dhoni never had any equal. He always had the gut feel for what can happen and the ability to get the best out of his resources. His greatest strength was his nerve. When others tried to finish things quickly to pre-empt panicking, he took games deep. He raised the bar whenever he stepped on the field. Also in adverse circumstances he managed to maintain composure in the team. He always backed his boys even in intense on field situations. There are only very few who are staying in present as successful as he is and he is probably the most successful among them.

Criticism-The love affair with Critics Continues

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MS Dhoni has had a long affair with critics. They have just jumped on him whenever he has gone through a hard face. In this year IPL itself he was removed from captaincy of Pune in IPL. The co-owner of the Rising Pune Supergiant team Mr. Harsh Goenka always didn’t have anything good to say about MS. But whenever he tried to troll the legend it always backfired with the Fans of the great man trolling Mr. Goenka badly which eventually made him clarify his trolls and accepting that there is no one better than Dhoni in the cricketing aspects. Dhoni for years has been adviced to retire and people always doubted his credibility. But the great man always replied with his brilliant game on the cricketing field. Now also the doubt over his credibility to finish the game arises and we know with Champions Trophy on board he will fire and play like the legendary finisher we have seen in him over the years.

There are many tweets that would very well describe the enormity of MS Dhoni-


From a point of view of overall contribution to Indian cricket, though, the progression of Dhoni from the carefree, spontaneous luminosity of a small-town youngster to the greatest finisher of all times for many in the cricketing world, We can say he still has lot more left to offer to the game and his greatness never can be written off.

With chants of Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! We can say that the man will surely retire from the game with more greatness and prestige as compared to he has now.

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