Mumbai Rains

The torrents pour down across cities of Mumbai on Tuesday, bringing the city to a standstill. Mumbai rains once again devastated lives of common people. Mumbaikars turned superheroes to extend help in all possible ways. Their unconditional help brings the city together and the situation seems to be under control. People were stranded all parts of the city as Mumbai witnessed around 300mm of record high rainfall in a decade. Social media proved to be at its helm in supporting the citizens of Mumbai. From common man to Mumbai police, everyone used online platforms to help people stuck due to the downpour. Thousands of tweets enlightened the spirit of Mumbai-ites. From distributing food packets to providing shelter, residents of the city have proved ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’.

Here are some photos of Mumbaikars doing their bit in helping out the flood-ridden stranded people when the rain strikes on 29 August 2017.

#1 Religious Places Open Doors For The Stranded People

Gurdwaras, Churches, Mandirs and Masjids all open doors to help those stranded in the heavy rains irrespective. Shelter and food was provided to the needy.

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Mumbai Rains 12
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#2 Communities Came Together – Trying Their Best To Help

Local communities have joined hands to help keep the city afloat by arranging food and water for the stranded. Community kitchen at Parel and Dowoodi Bohras at CST station come forward to distribute food, water and tea.

Mumbai Rains 10
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#3 Social Media At Its best

People used twitter thread #RainHosts to offer their homes as shelters to those stranded. The executive chairman of Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra reacted to a BCC article about flood situations in Houston. This massive tweet became super viral! Check his tweet for more info.

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#4 Mumbaikars Become Superheroes – Offer Help

Common man turns into heroes to help the flood victims. People old and young are rescued.

Mumbai Rains 8
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Mumbai Rains 1
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#5 Radio Mirchi Doing Their Bit

Radio Mirchi offered people stranded in Lower Parel area, to come to the office and enjoy tea and maggi in the chilly weather.

Mumbai Rains 2
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#6 Food Court Set Up by the Navy officials

The Navy officials are providing their service off-borders too. Navy food counters are set up at various locations in Mumbai to help the ones in need.

Mumbai Rains 9
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#7 Mumbai Police Take Charge

Mumbai police and BMC workers are trying hard to help Mumbai residents. Here is a glimpse of their effort.

Mumbai Rains police
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#8 Mumbaikars Do Not Forget Stray Animals

Anchor and radio announcer, Anupama Singh rescues a stray cat and appeals people to keep an eye for the poor animals who cannot ask for help.

Mumbai Rains 11
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Mumbai Rains 223
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The massive rainfall too lives of 5 people, including 2 children. The traffic has now been cleared up and trains have started moving (slower than usual). Mumbaikars have stood up to the situation and the world sees another great example of unity in diversity and humanity.

Salute to all Mumbaikars!!

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