A Musical Tribute

The month of April marks the Birth anniversaries of the two most legendary Instrument players of this century sitar maestro Bharatratna Pandit Ravishankar and sarod maestro Dr. Ustaad Ali Akbar khan. Having learnt from Ustaad Allauddin khan of the Maihar gharana both these maestros made Hindustani music world famous. Both being the emperors of their solo performances, contributed a very unique genre to instrumental music known as Jugalbandi. Jugalbandi a very popular word in classical music today owes its existence to these maestros.

To celebrate the Maestros WaarSaa a city based organisation has organised a  concert, A Musical Tribute, on April 17, 2016. This the first time that a concert in honour of these maestros is been organised in Pune city. What better way to pay homage to these maestros than having a Sitar-Sarod duet. The concert will feature a Jugalbandi by young sarod maestro Anupam Joshi and Sitar maestro from Karnataka Aranya Kumar. Both belonging to the same gharana and having learnt from the same gurus have a perfect synergy and essence of Ali Akbar and Ravishankar. Accompanying Anupam and Aranya will be world renowned Kolkata based tabla maestro Sandip Ghosh. Sandip has to his credits many accomplishments like getting to perform with Anushka Shankar the daughter of Ravishankar himself.

Ravishankar being very closely connected to the classical dance form of kathak the concert also includes a tribute in the form of Rasanubhav. (About rasanubhav)

Pune city being the Mecca of classical vocal music Gandhar Deshpande will be presenting a vocal recital on this occasion too.

WaarSaa is a stage, a platform, a revelation. It’s that defining turn in an artiste’s life that completes the cycle of art by giving him a stage and an audience. It is where artiste gets his home, the stage and his art gets its home, the audiences’ hearts. Says Mohanish Jaju the founder of WaarSaa.

An audience is essential for completing the circle of art, it starts in the artiste’s heart, it flows through his body during riyaaz and it becomes a part of his creative self. But it’s only when it reaches the senses of the known that the circle is complete. WaarSaa serves this very purpose. Says co founder Mr Sarnobat.

“I am happy that younger generation musicians and organisers have not forgotten these legends. It’s for the first time that a homage is been paid to these maestros. I feel very honoured and humbled at the same time that I have been chosen for this occasion,” says city based sarod player Anupam Joshi.

Sitar-Sarod Duet by Senia Maihar Gharana’s promising artists Shri Aranya Kumar and Shri Anupam Joshi

Shri Aranya Kumar
Anupam Joshi_Sarod(9)
Shri Anupam Joshi

Kathak Choreography – Rasanubhaav by Mrs. Amruta Gogate and Mrs. Asmita Thakur troupe
Hindustani Classical Vocal by Gandhar Deshpande

Mrs. Amruta Gogate
Mrs. Amruta Gogate
Gandhar Deshpande
Gandhar Deshpande

A Tabla performance by Kolkata based Tabla maestro Sandip Ghosh

Sandip Ghosh

Watch these young and talented artist perform at the concert, A Musical Tribute on Sunday April 17, 6 pm onwards.

Venue: Shakuntala Shetty auditorium Karnatak High school campus, Erandwane

To book your tickets call 9049000113 or write to waarsaa.info@gmail.com. You can also inbox WaarSaa’s Facebook page Waarsaa/facebook


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