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Nail art trends have fancied most women and young girls. Nail art designs are available to all occasions. From spooky nail artworks for Halloween to beautiful wedding nails all these designs ought to take you by surprise. Women get caught in the craze of nail designs. There are so many styles and variations in the nail arts that women of all ages (school goers to elderly) can wear with style. If you are looking for inspirations to design your nails look no further. We have collected 10 oh-so-pretty nail art designs for a jaw-dropping appeal.

Nude Nail Art With Golden Tints

Upgrade you nude grey nail manicure with impressive gold tints and 3D jewels. The geometric design looks very chic and impressive. The square shape of the nails amplifies the beautiful effect of the nail art.

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Royal Blue Winter Nail Art

Winters are round the corner; grace your nails with this lovely blue and gold nail artwork. The golden stripe gives a breakthrough to the dark tinted blue nail polish. Awesome and style is what you call this nail design!

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Silver Metallic Nails For Modern Look

Wearing a silver nail lacquer with mirror finish looks absolutely stunning. It is a refined way to pull off the trendy winter look. Metallic gold or rose gold nail polish can look equally chic and mod.

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Black Accent Nails With White Dots

Here is how women can look, elegant, elite and elevated. The glamorous black nail paint marks one of the best nail art designs of 2017. The combination of black and white polish couldn’t have looked any better before.

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Ombre Shimmer Striped Nail Art

Ombre effect looks charming on your nails too. The dark metallic tones shimmering on your nails are perfect for parties and casual evening meetings. The effect can be created using duct tapes.

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Floral Nail Design

A pretty floral design over dark background is all what you want for your spring manicure. You may choose from roses to sunflower to spice up your beachy summer look.

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Diamond Nail Art For Women

Diamonds make your nails look glam and stylish. What matters is how you style your nails with diamond cut studs to make it stand out from the rest of the audience.

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White Marbled Nail Design

Marble nail design is a beautiful and creative nail artwork done to impress the onlookers. It requires precision and practice. These white marbled nails with copper accents look super cool.

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Neon Shades For Stunning Appeal

Neon shades of acrylic nail polish have taken over all the nail trends this year. From yellow to orange, neon tints look attractive and irresistible.

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Red Nail Artwork For Sexy Appeal

The all red nails give you a sexy appeal. Simply polish your nails with a bright shade of red. The glossy effect lures you with its beauty and bold impact. Adding one or two rhinestones and a dash of white to one nail softens the appeal in style.

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Do try these simple and bling nail art designs and proudly flaunt them on New Year ’s Eve.

Get started today itself!

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