Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum – A Solution For Dark Intimate Areas

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Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum




Every individual adores a flawless looking skin with even and brighter skin tone. A perfect skin gives you confidence and esteem in yourself. In this modern day, the youth is aware about the importance of getting an even skin tone from head to toe. Thus, having patchy dark skin might result in feeling embarrassed and regretful. No one enjoys the darker intimate skin as a result of extra pigmentation, scars or cellulite. This might definitely loose the confidence of oneself. Keeping this in mind Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum has been formulated to let your intimate skin become flawless.

The Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum is a great formula that not only lightens your dark intimate areas but also tightens loose skin, removes scars and cellulites making the skin radiant and glowing. The natural plant-based ingredients like Licorice Water, Mulberry Extract, Orchid Extract, and Bearberry Extract are specially formulated to treat the darker intimate areas naturally.

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Brand Name: Namyaa

Product: Intimate lightening serum

Packaging: White spray bottle

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Licorice Water, Mulberry Extract, Orchid Extract, Bearberry Extract, EDTA and Glycerin

Price: ₹750 for 100g

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Method Of Use:

  • Gently clean the skin of intimate area you want to lighten.
  • Gently pat dry the area with cotton or soft cloth.
  • Apply the serum twice daily.
  • Continue this skin whitening serum for at least 6 weeks or until you achieve the desired skin tone.
  • A patch test is advised before using the product.


  • The Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum is 100% safe and non-toxic for the intimate areas.
  • The formulation is made up from natural plant-based extracts that make it desirable and beneficial for the consumers.
  • The serum not only fights dark pigmentation but also plays a key role in tightening the skin of intimate area.
  • It also reduces scars and cellulite present on the intimate areas.
  • Using the serum regularly for around 6 to 8 weeks will give you the desired positive skin whitening effects.
  • Even small amounts of the serum establish desired results.


  • Free from hydroquinone, parabens, perfumes or harsh chemicals.
  • Suitable for the sensitive intimate skin.
  • Fights dark pigmentation and tightens the skin of intimate area.
  • Reduces scars and cellulite too.
  • It comes in a white spray bottle that looks inviting yet contenting.
  • It’s available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.


  • Expensive, but worth the price money.

It’s time you regain your confidence and flawless healthy skin of intimate area with Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum.

No more darker intimate skin!! No more embarrassment!!

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