Image_Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device Stand & Pee

Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device for Women

Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device

₹299 for 15 funnels


Thinking about urination problems faced by women Namyaa Skincare have come up with a brilliant idea where women can now pee without sitting or squatting. This new Disposable Female Urination Device that has been introduced to simplify the lives of women.

This is a Stand and Pee device specially made for women where women can now drop the concept of using unhygienic and dirty toilets. This device shall ensure their hygiene and sanitation while peeing.

Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device – Stand and Pee is the ultimate saviour for all those ladies who absolutely hate dirty toilets. At some extent WC covers or sanitary sprays, are useful but most of the time they are not much useful due to uncleaned dirt and waste present already.

This device prevents women from getting infections and UTI’s. It can be used while travelling in flight, trains, highways etc. Be it be for work or leisure, be it be treks, road trips, marathons, events this super handy device is the ultimate friend for life.

Read our full features and review of the product below

Stylewhack presents the review of Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device below.

Brand Name: Namyaa

Product: Disposable Female Urination Device

Price: ₹299 for 15 funnels


  • Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device – Stand and Pee comes with a simple “open-place-pee-throw” instruction.
  • It is super convenient to use with zero spillage that doesn’t spoil your clothes and is handy and easy to use.
  • This super beneficial urinating device has been made with coated paper which is water-resistant and comes in a simple use funnel pack which is leak proof.
  • Funnels are made of paper and thus are easily disposable although flushing them is not recommended
  • Funnels are already sanitised when packed hence you don’t have to wash them or sanitise them
  • You can carry them easily in your bag or purse or even in your pocket individually


Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device – Stand and Pee is an excellent choice for women who love travelling. Pee funnels are mind-blowingly easy to use and you don’t have to worry about spillage too. Its specially crafted design makes sure that there are not spill marks on your clothes. Although we recommend trying using this a few times before just to get used to the device.

The best part is you don’t have wash or store funnels for next use as these funnels are use-and-throw. These funnels are made with coated paper and hence are biodegradable.

This urination device arrives in white and green packaging and is a product that is highly looked for. It is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.

So ladies now you don’t have to worry about UTI or other bacterial infection while peeing and drink as much as liquid you want during your trip!

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