It’s hardly 10 days before the start of Rio Olympics, Narsingh Yadav has found him-self in a controversy that could ruin his Olympics dream.

It came as a shock to the whole Indian sporting fraternity when Narsingh Yadav failed a doping test conducted by NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency)

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The Asian Championships bronze medalist was already in headlines for the past two months because of his public spat with Sushil Kumar, the silver medalist in 2012 Olympics. Sushil Kumar was denied a trail chance after he failed to qualify for the Rio Olympics. Sushil did everything including appealing on social media to approaching high court, but in the end his appeal was not accepted. Narsingh Yadav was finalized as the wrestler to represent India in the 74 kg weight category. This hard fought legal battle has already created diversions for Yadav’s preparation for the Olympics and this failed test makes it worse.

Narsingh Yadav was tested positive for—Metandienone—a banned steroid mostly used in medicine to trigger muscle growth and appetite. The questions every expert asking is, why he would do such a foolish thing of consuming a banned steroid just few days before Olympics? This drug stays in the system for 2-4 weeks.

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If he knowingly consumed the banned drug, what is there to gain for him? He is been competing on the international level for more than 10 years. Yadav came with flying colors in every doping test he has given.

Narsingh and his coach claim this as a conspiracy. Here is what Yadav said in his interview with India Today

“I have been preparing with all my heart. I could never to anything to betray my country. I have never taken any banned substance all through my career. This is definitely some kind of preplanned plot of stopping my Rio qualification.”

Sushil Kumar’s Reaction

After Narsingh’s failed dope test’s news broke through, Sushil Kumar posted this message on social media “respect should be earned not demanded” He didn’t directly point this message to Yadav but it’s obvious to assume towards whom this was pointed. He also says “Don’t blame me for Narsingh’s irresponsibility. He enjoys best police protection and has experienced coaches training him”

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 Currently Yadav’s participation is in doubt. Authorities of Wrestling federation of India (WFI) has assured a quick probe. The court cases, frequent visits to lawyers, a failed drug test, all of this will surely not help Narsingh Yadav. He is one of the main hopes of our country to win an Olympic medal.

Narsingh Yadav could be guilty or innocent. Whatever the outcome will be, Indian wrestling is the one suffering the most.



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