Look How The Celebrities Ringed In The New Year 2018

new year 2018

New Year 2018 – Starting with a BANG!!

We will be very much interested in peeking into the lives of celebrities all the time and feel interested towards knowing what is happening in their private life every day and like that we will be interested in having a look at how the popular Bollywood celebrities and our favorite celebrities ringed in the new year 2018. With paparazzi there is no private life for celebrities now I guess. But what we want is a sneak peek into their lives, so we thought to bring you the pictures and details from the New Year celebrations of different celebrities. So, here we go.

Celebrity celebrations and vacations New Year 2018

Saif And Kareena

The Nawab family headed to Switzerland and the celebrity couple rang in the New year with their cute little bundle of joy Taimur and the pictures of the couple and the little Nawab are going rounds on the internet since the past few days. So, here are few pictures from Nawab family’s New Year celebrations for you.

Looks Like This Family Had A Chilling Celebrations

Look at little Taimur

new year 2018 1
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The Family with swag in their veins

new year 2018 2
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new year 2018 3

Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma

As we all know the newly married couple headed to South Africa for ringing in the New Year and the couple seems to have been spending a really good time. Both the couple shared a selfie of them and they look adorable as ever.

new year 2018 4

Here is the picture the couple shared on their social media accounts wishing their fans and the world.

new year 2018 5

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Sonam Kapoor

And the style icon of Bollywood spent her New year’s eve at the most stylish city in the world Paris and she seemed that she had a really good time spending time with her favourite people as shared by her in a post and here are Sonam’s celebrations in pictures.

The morning look…

new year 2018 6

The Stay

new year 2018 7

The Diva

new year 2018 8new year 2018 9

Alia Bhatt

Alia ringed in the New Year at Bali and here are pictures from her vacation.

new year 2018 10

Gorgeous Alia

new year 2018 11

Katrina Kaif

Katrina has chosen to spend the New Years at the beach and here are a few glimpses from her vacation.

Kat’s vacation

new year 2018 12

new year 2018 13

The Pretty face

new year 2018 14new year 2018 15Amitabh Bachchan

And this is how the Bachchans ringed in the New Year, look at their new year celebrations in these pictures.

new year 2018 16

He may be Amitabh to the world. But he is a grandfather for his grand daughter

new year 2018 17

Karan Johar ringing in the New Year

new year 2018 18

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka ringed in the New Year with her family in London and here are a few glimpses from her New Year celebrations and vacation.

Priyanka chilling in London with her family

new year 2018 20

Lunch at London

new year 2018 19

Priyanka ringing in the New Year 2018

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty seems to have spent quality time with her family in Dubai and her pictures are a proof, here are the pictures from Shilpa’s vacation just for you.

  new year 2018 21

The mother and son

new year 2018 22

Family times

new year 2018 23

Here Is A Sneak peak Into Varun Dhawan’s Vacation

new year 2018 25

Water sports

new year 2018 24

Akshay And Twinkle Khanna

Here is the how the family had a fun vacation

new year 2018 26

The couple conversations

new year 2018 27

Akshay chilling

new year 2018 28

Hope you had fun watching these celebrity vacations and new year celebrations.

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