It is that time of the year again where everyone around you is talking about their new year resolutions. While many of you may be lucky enough to fulfill most of it, many of us struggle to maintain post January. Those lists invariable go into the dustbin or lay somewhere in all their glory.

If you still haven’t figured out the list, wait a minute. Though a big list might be what you want, you also need to remind yourself certain things every now and then.

Here’s what you need for the new year to know before you start jotting down –

#1 Go easy on yourself

Yes, you might want to work towards your biggest goals for the new year but remember that no one ever climbed the Everest in a matter of few months. Make easy and achievable goals that will push you ahead.

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#2 Learn to forgive

Many of you might want to get rid of people in your life who have hurt you in any manner. Fair enough. But before you cut them off your life, forgive them. Accept that people make mistakes and also realize that forgiving them will only help you move on in life.

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#3 Get that body you always wanted

If you have been wanting to cut down on those flabs, try to figure out how you can do so. If you want to gain a few kilos, research on what you can do. This is your body and you get to decide how it looks.

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#4 Also, love your body

Do not ever forget to love your body because it is only yours. Sure you can work on it, but do it with passion and love in this new year.

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#5 Eat that cake if you have to

Allow yourself the liberty to get what it wants. Eat that cake/cookie/pizza. You are allowed to- new year or not.

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#6 Laugh more. Love more.

Tomorrow is very unsure. However, what you have today is beautiful and you need to learn to seize it. Learn to love more but first, love yourself.

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#7 Prioritize yourself

If you need to get your nails done, do it, if you need some lone time, take it, if you want to finish that book today, read it, if you want to cry tonight, let go. You are your own friend so never take yourself for granted.

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#8 Start today

There’s no better day than today. Tomorrow could get late so don’t be afraid to take that leap and let this new year be a good enough reason for that!

Get that paper and pen out, write your story for 2017!

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