In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court upheld the death penalty to the four convicted in the Nirbhaya gangrape case. The crime which took place in December 2012 has lead to many protests, convictions, media coverage and all kinds of attention. The four accused had challenged the death penalty awarded to them in September 2013.

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The Nirbhaya case was one case that shook the country. A 23 year old paramedic was brutally assaulted and raped by 6 persons in a moving bus. After committing the crime, she was thrown out of the bus along with her male friend. Out of the 6 persons involved, one was a juvenile who walked free the same year. In 2015, Ram Singh, the prime accused in the case committed suicide in Tihar jail.

Nirbhaya case finally sees some light

Justice Dipak Misra called the incident a story of ‘some different world’. They also called it a ‘barbaric incident’. Justice R Banumathi asked, “If this case isn’t rarest of rare to award death penalty, then which case can fall under it”. These phrases highly resonate with the questions that the citizens of India were raising.

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Following the verdict, the lawyers of the accused said they plan to file a review petition to challenge the verdict. Meanwhile, the jail security for all four convicted has been increased to ensure nobody commits suicide.

The review petition might mean longer duration to see justice but this iconic move by the Supreme Court has surely gained some respect from the people of the country.

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