What makes me happy? – “NO COOKING”


Yes, you read it right! No cooking makes us really happy. We know the happiness one gets seeing the satisfied faces of loved ones slurping the food cooked by us! But that really does not beat the happiness of not entering the kitchen for the day.

no cooking 1

What To Cook?

Imagine a day when you don’t have to break your head on what to cook for breakfast/lunch/dinner, or sit and cut all the vegetables, or do the clean up post cooking. These are the days when you just sit and relax, food comes to your table automatically. Heaven, isn’t it?

no cooking 2

When Husbands Votes To Cook

These rare days happen when your spouse decides to cook. This is a little tricky as you need to give him directions on how to clean up the mess later. Never the less, sitting and having hot spicy chicken curry with best cooked basmati rice prepared by your husband is truly delightful.

no cooking 3

No Cooking – Order A Cheezy Treat

Or then there are days when your husband also doesn’t want to cook and you get something from outside or eat out. This typically makes us end up in a restaurant nearby or order everybody’s favorite – pizza at home.  The merriment of hogging on cheesy pizza with cold wine and watching your favorite series on TV is priceless.

no cooking

Get Invited

Or the times when you are invited over for dinner at friends’ or relatives’ place. This is the best time when someone else is serving you home made good food. Though this can turn out risky sometimes when you are going to a friends’ place who is a novice cook and wants to experiment their cooking on you. Did you just remember your early marriage days, when your husband was your guinea pig? Have a hearty laugh on it!

no cooking

So how about closing the kitchen today and heading out to that famous food joint near your place? Or maybe a walk on the beach followed by some sea food at a restaurant?


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