The world runs on conspiracy theories. You can hear of them everywhere, during office gossip and family dinnertime, random comments during the news hour and as the reason behind every big government decision. One has only to refer to the moon landing or the New World Order, and out pour the myriad opinions. India has its own share in this feverishly global phenomenon – and its nuclear scientists seem to be the center of it. These were engineers, researchers and physicists, a number of which made surprise disappearances, ending in death. Some of these scientists were on the verge of major breakthroughs that would have changed the face of India’s nuclear situation during their time.

This article does not attest to these theories, but the evidence is poor and casework shoddy. Maybe you can decide for yourself.

Homi Jahangir Bhabha

Dr. Homi Bhabha was a nuclear physicist. He died in 1966, in a plane crash near Mount Blanc in the Swiss Alps. No debris of the crash was ever found, and his death is found mysterious by many. Dr. Bhabha had publicly said that India would shortly be producing a nuclear device. His accident followed this announcement.

Lokanathan Mahalingam

Lokanathan Mahalingam was a nuclear scientist, killed in June 2009. His decomposing body was found in the Kali river after he had been reported missing for 5 days. The Indian media did not strongly report his death, as he was not very well-known. The government, however, ordered an inquiry into his disappearance and death, as the scientist has access to very sensitive and classified nuclear information.

M Iyer

Iyer was an engineer working for the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). He was found dead in his apartment in 2010. His death was ruled as ‘unexplained’, though it was discovered that there was internal hemorrhaging.

Umang Singh and ParthaPratim Bag

Umang and Partha were two young researchers at the BARC. They were mysteriously burned to death in a laboratory fire in 2009. Reports claimed that there were no flammable substances in the lab that could have caused the accident.

Uma Narasimha Rao, Dalia Nayek and Mohammed Mustafa were nuclear scientists who died under the pretext of having killed themselves due to depression. Evidence supporting suicide claims wasn’t found, and these deaths also went unsolved.
Dr. Nambi Narayanan a senior official at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was arrested on a false charge of espionage. He was tortured and questioned, but the charges were dropped, and he was declared not guilty by the Supreme Court in 1998. Dr. Narayanan was behind the introduction of liquid fuel rocket technology in India in the early ‘70s.

(The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre seems to be a hotspot for incidents. 5 other suicides have taken place there.)

NuclearImage Source

India had never been considered a threat of any sort, and certainly not a nuclear power country. Indian scientists, though, have been instrumental in raising the level of weaponry and bringing the world around to start gauging the country as a potential – and tough – competitor.

India is more than what most people think, and she’s coming around to kick the world’s (read U.S.A.’s) snobbish little butt.

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