NYC Marathon

After dabbling at the local marathons, Prita Yadav made her dream come true by running the prestigious NYC Marathon. The experience has been one roller coaster ride for Prita and Stylewhack team looks into this fairy tale kind of story!

The Dream Comes True

When asked about how she landed up with such a huge opportunity, Prita enthusiastically said, “Approximately 8 months back, in a casual conversation with my husband, I expressed my desire to participate in NYC marathon someday. I told him I would start saving money and someday would love to be part of the most popular marathon in the world.

cvymf1rwaaabmiLittle did she know that her dream was about to be realized courtesy TCS contest for all TCSers globally for the TCS NYC marathon 2016. Prita was selected as one of the 10 employees out of a whooping 3000 entries to be a part of NYC Marathon. Prita laughs now and says, “When I received an email that I was selected for the TCS NYC marathon, I experienced my Miss World moment! Hyperventilating and eyes brimming with overjoyed tears, I read the email a zillion times to ensure it was actually addressed to me, Prita Yadav! Guess, when you desperately crave for something the entire universe conspires to achieve that for you!

The Preparation for the D day

NYC Marathon RadstrongPrita had joined Radstrong Running in April 2016 and life has never been the same for her. Prita says joining Radstrong Running bought a discipline in her otherwise erratic schedules and she started preparing for 21 kms and soon will be training for 42 kms. With night shifts, it was a difficult task for her but nevertheless Prita held onto the training schedule as much as she could!

NYC Marathon

Prita fondly remembers the D Day and says, “It was an experience of a lifetime. In one word, epic. There were more than 50,000 runners and never before have I seen locals cheering for any run with such zest. The entire city was oozing of positive energy. I was awestruck to see so many people waiting with placards on the road which was definitely a morale booster. The best part of the marathon was when I unfurled the Indian flag for the last mile. It was a proud moment. I couldn’t stop smiling.”

img_20161107_040959539But the happiness is accompanied by pain too. As the marathon proceeded, Prita experienced severe cramps in her stomach and legs. She knew she was having lesser fluids due to the cold weather and winds outside. Slowly she increased the intake of water with electrolytes, but the damage was already done. Her legs started cramping badly at 30Km and by 33km Prita couldn’t run. Strangely enough Prita was calm and recollected her grandfather’s words “Himmat kabhi na haarna” and walked for around 400 metres. Last 9 km Prita walked, hopped, limped and jogged. And yet unfurling the Indian flag proudly at the 41th KM and running with it till the end was one of the best moments for Prita, despite the excruciating pain.

Prita completed her first International Marathon in 05:24:11! Way to go girl!

The People Behind the Triumph

NYC Marathon Prita YadavPrita mentions, the feat was not possible without the support of her friends and family. She says, “I would like to thank TCS for this golden opportunity. A big shout out to my grandfather and my husband Dennis Marian. They have always supported me to follow my passion. A big thank you to my coaches Dr. Kaustubh Radkar and Amod Bhate.

All of us are indeed proud of Prita Yadav! All princesses don’t wait for the knights to fulfill their wishes, some of them go out there and fulfill their own dreams! You have inspired so many of the athletes around! Keep up the good work! Stylewhack wishes Prita Yadav best of luck for all the future marathons. We know, this is just the beginning!



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