Objectification – Why Are Women Objectified Even Today?


I have been grown up watching movies that objectify women and show them as attractive humans rather than normal fellow beings with emotions, feelings, and needs of their own. Why are we unable to get rid of this objectification even in this forwarded society?

Concept Of Objectification

Despite being in this modern world, women are still striving to get equal treatment. Objectification basically means treating someone like a commodity or an object without any concern for their personality and dignity.

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We as humans are used to stereotype the beauty of females by giving it certain parameters like 36-26-36 as the perfect body figure, fair skin, pink lips and long shiny hair. Any defects in these parameters may result in labelling those people with tags like ugly, fat. The companies that produce the fairness creams, body lotions and also the fitness product companies might be the only benefited ones’ because of this concept.

Why Is It So?

When someone says women only exist to satisfy the needs of men, it is just dehumanizing. It is even hard to expect empathy from those who are just unable to look at women as fellow humans.


This kind of attitude comes from the narrow-minded thinking. Even our surroundings are filled with such kind of things and are inputting us with such kind of things.

How The Society Looks At It

We are currently living in a society where everyone is there to judge a woman, but no one cares about her desires, her goals, and wishes.

People who keep on judging women by looking at their dressing style are also seen in our day to day lives around us. Those are the kind of people in the society that might be giving the chance to the people who objectify by putting in some barriers for women about how they should be and how they should dress.

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Women who express their desires are viewed as desperate and characterless. Why is it so? They are just other beings with some kind of feelings towards their opposite gender and why don’t they have the right to express their desires like men do. The expression of desire is nothing wrong when it is done by men. But if a woman does this, she is a pervert.

This kind of thinking has to be changed and the day we see people being able to see women as just another human beings, I think we can get rid of this objectification.

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Don’t think that the entire article is filled with negativity as we have been addressing all the negative thoughts, there are also people who view at women as a respectable human being and allow them to make their own decisions. But the attitude of the majority of the people is what matters right.

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Anyways keeping this aside, how you look at yourself has the power to change the way others look at you. So, always have confidence in yourself and move forward.

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