At the age of 117, the world’s oldest person Emma Morano passed away yesterday and we couldn’t be more sad. Ms Morano was known to be the only person born in the 1800s to be still alive. Unbelievable right? In an attempt to keep her in our memories always let’s read some more about her.

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Ms. Morano was born in 1899 did a number of jobs throughout her life. She mostly worked as a cook in a factory. On being asked about her longevity in various interviews, Ms. Morano credited it to her diet and her singledom. She is said to have broken free off an abusive marriage and chose to remain single for the rest of her life. Ms. Morano passed away peacefully while resting on her arm chair.

The world that Emma Morano witnessed!

While it may sound trivial but her age was more than just a number. She has survived the World Wars, civil wars, overpowering of countries, emergence of institutions, change of political ideologies etc. To have lived the years of 117 is to have lived a legacy, an era.

Emma Morano
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While Ms. Morano did credit her age to her diet that mostly included eggs, both raw and cooked, her doctor also mentioned her genetics. Biologically too, Ms Morano’s sisters also lived more number of years than an average human being.

Ms. Emma Morano was a woman who saw the world like nobody else did and with her, it all ends. Like they say, ends are also just beginnings.

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