Dear Bhai,

Do you know that you hold a place in my heart that cannot be filled by anyone else? I know you do. The day you joined the Indian Army, was the day I was the happiest and the proudest sister in this whole universe. And I still remember the happiness you had when, at such a young age, you completed your lifelong dream. The dream of Indian Army, the dream you always had.

But, I miss you. I know there have been good times and several fights, maybe because in many ways we are too much alike, and too much opposite. Bhai, I remember the first Rakhi without you, we exchanged letters that day, and you expressed your love for a poem –

If I die in a war zone, box me up and send me home.
Put my medals on my chest, tell my mom I did my best.
Tell my dad not to bow, he won’t get tension from me now.
Tell my brother to study perfectly, keys of bike will be his permanently.
Tell my sister not to be upset, her brother will not raise after the sunset.
And tell my love not to cry, Cause I’m a soldier, and I was born to die.”

I had tears, and a fear of losing you forever. That day, I realised that no matter how much I hate you for stealing my chocolates or for being ‘family’s favourite guy’ or for ONLY watching sports (I hate this the MOST), yet you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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Our journey through life may take us far apart, but, there’s no distance long enough to dull the sparkle we had and we still have. I used to wonder, ‘how can people miss someone so much that it becomes hard to breathe? And now, I understand that feeling. The feeling of wanting you to trouble me. The feeling of having you here on my birthday, but I can’t. The feeling of fighting with you on dinner table for our favourite curry. The feeling of stealing your car keys. The feeling of you, being here, with us.

But, words can’t describe how proud I am of you! You’re living your dream, you’ve completed your life’s goal. And I am super happy for you – for your medals and equally for your scars.

With all that said, I can’t thank you enough for being strength of not only our family, but, also for serving every single person who is living in our country of freedom. It is because of people like you, that we are safe in our country and can flaunt our freedom. At last, I would pledge a vote of thanks to all the people who have served our country and are currently serving in our Indian Army, missing all their special family occasions while working for our safety. It’s our Indian Army brothers who gave us the right time to celebrate today – Our 70th Independence Day!

And bhai, I miss you. Come back soon, and I’ll let you steal my chocolates.

Your strong sister.

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