Oshea Herbals Aprifresh – Exfoliate Dull Skin With Apricot Face Scrub

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Oshea Herbals Aprifresh




Face Scrub are boon for our skin!

Our beauty regimen consists of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating the skin. Exfoliation is a crucial step in preventing various skin ailments and diseases. There are many facial scrubs available in the market and the web shows you a number of homemade face scrub you can prepare yourself. If you don’t have the time to invest making beauty products at home, this is the right page for you to stop and read.

Generally cosmetics have various side effects of the product no matter how much you pay. Thus, opting for herbal products is the need of hour for today’s generation. We came across this awesome herbal stuff and considered to provide an honest review from our experiences. The Oshea Herbals Aprifresh scrub deeply penetrates the skin and exfoliates the dull skin.

Stylewhack_Apricot_Scrub_B1Brand Name: Oshea Herbals

Product: Aprifresh Apricot Scrub


Main ingredients light kaolin, walnut shell powder, glycerine, apricot extract.

Stylewhack_Apricot_Scrub_C1Packaging: Flexible Plastic tube

Price: 120g – ₹135

Method of use:

  • Massage with the scrub gently in circular motions for 2-3 minutes.
  • Apply little more pressure on the areas with black and white heads.
  • Remember to avoid scrubbing on pimples (they might break and spread the infection).
  • Wash the scrub with fresh water.

Oshea Face Scrub Review:

  • It gives you a radiant and flawless skin instantly.
  • It’s natural and safe.
  • Cleansing action of walnut shell and apricot revives your skin naturally.
  • The scrub reveals smooth, refreshing and glowing skin.


  • It can be used daily.
  • It’s gentle to your skin and is effective for all skin types.
  • It deeply cleanses the skin giving you a radiant look.
  • Easily available in departmental and retail stores.


  • It is little bit sticky.
  • But it helps to restore moisture after use.

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My verdict:

It is A good scrub as compared to other products AVAILABLE in Market! Skin is left clean and Supple!


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