Neempure Product review

Acne and Pimple are one of the last things which one would expect. There are many remedies for preventing acne and various medications to subside them. Generally, medical treatments leave back scars, dry skin and in few cases rashes on skin.

Considering natural remedy for treating acne and pimples, nothing can beat Neem and Aloe vera, where Neem act as natural anti-bacterial and aloevera as natural soothing agent. Making pack out of natural neem, aloe vera, basil leaves, etc is a tedious process.

To overcome this, there are some really genuine products available in market. Recently, we got a chance to review product which helps treating Acne and Pimples.

Neempure Face PackBrand Name: Oshea Herbals (Neempure Anti Acne & Pimple Face Pack)

Product: Neempure – Anti Acne and Pimple Face Pack


Neempure face pack has its richness with Neem leaf extract, Aloevera extract, Basal leaf extract, extract of yarrow, tea tree oil, Cinnamon extract, Aqua, Kaolin, Stearic Acid, Bentonite, Titanium dioxide, Gylcerine, zinc oxide.

Neempure_IngredientPackaging: Flexible Tube

Cost: ₹175 for 120 gms

Buy Oshea Neempure Face Pack (Neempure Anti Acne & Pimple Face Pack) here 

Method of use:

  1. Simply mix pea size face pack with cold water or rose water and apply over face. Leave it for 10 mins and rinse it off.
  2. Mix pea size face pack with lemon and apply over face. Leave it for 10 mins and rinse it off.
  3. This was an experimental stunt – Use 1/4 spoon of honey and cold water to make the mix. This mix wont dry off, you need to rinse it after 10 mins. Honey act as anti-bacterial if used in minimum quantity. Kindly note excessive honey might induce Acne.


  • Face pack is very smooth, this might be because of its Kaolin contents.
  • Face pack leaves soothing effect while it dries.
  • After use, your skin becomes supple and clear
  • Skin doesn’t get feeling of stretching , rather than that it becomes more soft.
  • Acne resides in it’s redness because of soothing effect of face pack

Pros of Neempure Face Pack:

  • Face pack has very smooth feeling on skin
  • It leaves back smooth and supple skin
  • Remove tan to some extend

Cons of Neempure Face Pack:

  • It takes time to dry

Overall Oshea Neempure Face Pack is one of the most effective options available in market. With so many brands that experiment with chemicals, here’s a product that has natural extracts that work wonders on your skin. Try this product to know it yourself. Don’t forget to tell us your feedback as well!


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