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Are you spending lots of money on hair care products shown on TV? Still not getting the desired results? Do you feel having healthy hair is a dream difficult to achieve? Then you have come to the right place. Hair defines your beauty and lustrous healthy hair adds charm to your personality. Harsh sun rays, pollution, dusting, stress and the fast paced life takes away the natural shine of your hair. Hair problems like hairfall, dandruff, and rough hair makes you depressed and taken aback. We have brought an honest review of one of the hair care products by Oshea Herbals – Oshea PhytoGAIN Hair Vitalizer – that will solve your hair issues.

Hair Vitalizer _Stylewhack ABrand Name: Oshea Herbals

Product: PhytoGAIN Hair Vitalizer

Ingredients: Oshea PhytoGAIN Hair Vitalizer is amalgamated with the herbal extracts of Tulsi, Ginseng, Capsicum, Basil, Amla, Ashwagandha, Bhringraj, Manjistha, Harad, Nagkesar, Bahera, Neem and Rosemary Oil.

Packaging: Bottle Packing

Price: It’s priced at ₹495 per 120ml bottle.

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Method of use:

  • Apply Oshea Herbals PhytoGAIN Hair Vitalizer on your scalp and massage gently with fingertips for 2-3 minutes every night before going to bed.
  • Initially use daily for 3-4 weeks thereafter use 2-3 times a week.
  • In case of severe hair loss use twice daily.


  • Heals damaged roots and controls hair fall.
  • It works by stimulating the anagenic phase of the hair growth cycle and promotes healthy hair growth.
  • It induces faster development of hair follicles thereby reducing hairfall.
  • The formula is rich in herbal extracts that improves tensile strength of hair and increases its volume too.
  • The hair tonic even adds luster to your dull, frizzy hair.

Hair Vitalizer _Stylewhack BPros:

  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Imparts a lustrous shine to your hair.
  • All-in-one stop remedy for most of your hair problems – dandruff, hairfall, frizz, etc.
  • Treats hair issues from the roots and gives you healthy hair.
  • Its herbal and safe to use.
  • Easily available in all major cosmetic outlets and online stores.


  • It highly fluid, it would be better for application if it was little bit viscous.

My verdict:

Use this herbal product from Oshea and get healthy, shiny, and dandruff free hair!!

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