Rejuvenate Your Skin With Oshea Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash

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Oshea Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash




Different individuals use different beauty and skin care products to enhance their looks. Skin care regimen should be selected carefully. Stylewhack recommends you to use beauty products from Oshea Herbals. Oshea Herbals skin care products are a blend of natural ingredients with the knowledge of Vedic Science. The company brings you closer to nature with its herbal beauty regimen. From skin care to hair care, all its products are worth trying (especially Oshea Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash).

Oshea Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash is a must-add skin care product in your kitty this year.

We are exposed to pollution and toxins in the environment daily. The harmful sun rays, dust, and pollutants damage our skin. Our skin requires cleansing frequently during the day. Cleansing your skin regularly with a good, chemical-free face wash gives you a revitalized and beautiful look.

Check out our experience with Oshea Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash here:

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Brand Name: Oshea Herbals

Product: Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash

Ingredients: Licorice Extracts, Mulberry Extracts, Bearberry Extracts, Bellies Perennis Flower Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, Cinnamon Extracts and Saffron Crocus, Real gold micro-particles.

Packaging: White and maroon colored plastic flip-top tube packing

Price: ₹ 325 for 120 g

Method Of Use:

  • Apply over wet skin and turn into a nice lather.
  • Massage for a few minutes and rinse it off with fresh water.
  • Use twice daily.

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  • The new Oshea Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash has the numerous benefits of the botanical extracts that leave your skin beautiful and glamorous.
  • The luxury face wash has the goodness of real gold particles that take care of your skin right away. It deeply cleanses the skin and removes dirt and impurities.
  • The face wash works gently on your skin and prevents it from drying.
  • The mulberry, blueberry, and saffron extracts contain antioxidants that unclog the skin and make it a few tones brighter.
  • You get an indelibly refreshed, lighter, and hydrated skin almost instantly.
  • Oshea Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash recharges and replenishes the skin, controls oil, tightens the pores, stimulates skin regeneration, and deeply exfoliates the skin to prevent blackheads.


  • Enriched with real gold flakes to cleanse your skin deeply.
  • The face wash suits all skin types and is dermatologically tested. However, you should do a patch test before you start using this beauty product.
  • The natural ingredients in the face wash provide extra treatment for dry to normal skin and replenish the epidermal layer of the skin.
  • It is paraben, preservative, silicon, and mineral oil free.
  • It’s easily available in the leading departmental stores and online retailers.


Oshea Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash 3


  • Slightly expensive but worth the price money.

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The Phytowash 9 in 1 Luxury Face Wash should be your choice if you want deeply cleansed, moisturized, oil-free, and blemish-free skin.

Do use it and let us know your opinion about the face wash in the comment box below.

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