Oshea’s D-Tan Scrub

Even Skin Tone with Oshea’s D-Tan Scrub – Review

Oshea’s D-Tan Scrub




Oshea Herbals deliberates it as a prime aim to produce a comprehensive variety of herbal active cosmetics of world-class with the touch of Vedic Science. They aspire to take back people closer to nature and in this objective they have framed
products which are made from naturally derived active ingredients.

Oshea Herbals has introduced its new Radiance D-Tan Face Scrub which has the goodness of Aloe Vera and Grape Fruit Extracts to get rid of the unwanted suntan on the skin.

It is suitable for all skin types. It is an Ultra-Pure Face Scrub which is Paraben, Preservative, Silicon and Mineral Oil-free and which has been formulated with botanical extracts like Licorice, Grape Fruit and actives like Arbutin.

These ingredients remove tanning, exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dirt from the skin. It also eliminates white and blackheads and minimizes open pores, making the skin brighter, fairer and younger.

This scrub is specially developed with a blend of herbal ingredients which works as anti-tan and holistically detoxifies the skin. This Face Scrub is integrated in a flip tube which is very enticing.

It renews and replenishes the epidermal layer of the skin for it to be glowing, even-toned and brightened every day. Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Scrub is a highly recommended product at just Rs. 285 for 120 grams and is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.

For added convenience and best offers you can also visit https://www.osheaherbals.com/

 Oshea’s D-Tan Scrub

Stylewhack presents the review of Oshea’s D-Tan Scrub Gel below. Read on.

Brand Name: Oshea

Product: Oshea’s D-Tan Scrub

Price: ₹ 285 for120 g


  • Is made with nutritional oils
  • Smooths down
  • Kills pimples
  • Helps to give skin a natural and fresh look

The essential explanation of skin tanning is sun introduction and this Oshea’s D-Tan Scrub is uniquely figured to shield skin from sun’s unsafe UV beams. This enemy of tan scour is advanced with valuable home grown concentrates of yashti, manjishtha and aloe vera that jelly skin’s energy. These home grown concentrates expels tan and makes skin lighter, smoother and more beneficial. It likewise contains strawberry and licorice. The clean bog away the dead cells and keep skin clear and brilliant.


The tube has got all the item subtleties composed over it. The bundling is minimized, solid and absolutely travel well disposed.

The scour is white in shading and it bears a sweet scent. It has granular surface. The clean has velvety base with impeccable consistency. The granules are not very brutal on the skin and only adept for legitimate cleaning.

Going to its adequacy, Oshea’s D-Tan Scrub is a phenomenal item that truly works. It spreads effectively on the face and the granules give the ideal peeling. Post wash, the skin feels smooth and clear. Subsequent to utilizing it 3-4 times, It seems that tan got decreased to a decent degree. What’s more, it is certain that, it will have the option to expel all the tanning soon with proceeded with use. The clean doesn’t feel oily on the skin and neither one of the its deserts any sleek or oily feeling post use.


  • Advantageous bundling
  • Dazzling smell
  • Impeccable consistency
  • No brutal granules
  • Non rough
  • Decreases tanning inside 3-4 use
  • Doesn’t bother skin


Not so much home grown, it contains certain synthetic substances

The fascinating and attractive D-Tan Scrub soothes your skin and rejuvenates your mood instantly.

Use it and do let us know your thoughts about this product below!

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