There are thinkers and then there are over-thinkers. The mind of an over-thinker is a minefield of emotions. Every action, topic, and problem is analysed, re-analysed, over-analysed to its death. There are million ways in which an over-thinker approaches a topic in his head. Though not necessarily is it followed by action.

Here are some of the problems that every over-thinker goes through each and every day :

  1. The day begins with a hammering of topics in the brain, even before getting out of the bed. The important question is, “Which topic to choose from first?”

Over-Thinker2. They can never respond to a game of quick response. The process of answering without a thought is unnerving.

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3. Its analyse, analyse and analyse. Forever and ever. Though it does not give much time for “doing”. Live long and Analyse.

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4. If thoughts could generate power, the over-thinkers can light up an entire village.

Over-thinker's power

5. They over-think about over-thinking and come up with new mental disorders every day. Thanks to their thoughts and of course the “Google God” for assistance.

Over-thinker's disease

6. If you could look inside an over-thinker’s mind, this is how it would look like

Over-thinker's mind

7. You can never sweep them off their feet. Their thoughts add up to around four times their weight.

Sweeping off their feet

8. The best way to torture an over-thinker is to leave them in suspense. You will practically rule their life.

Over-thinker in suspense

9. They can be a bit of a party poopers because of their ability to think about all the consequences as against the impulsive doers

Over thinker10. And lastly, the over-thinkers are eternally tired. As their thoughts refuse to leave them at any point of the day or night.

Over thinker

Cheers to all the thinkers, the over-thinkers, and the impulsive doers. Life is indeed colorful with the impulsive decision makers in our life, but it does add a quiet sense, reason and meaning because of the over-thinkers. We can depend on them to give us all possible perspectives to a given situation.

Credit : An overthinking friend, Kalpita Kshirsagar

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